Wednesday, March 16, 2005

2 groups give their allegiance to AQ

The anger brigades and Al Mdaeni 's battalions declare the joining to the Al-Qaeda Network


Witnesses : two groups from the groups of the Iraqi resistance declared, in a statement that was spread on the Internet, that they decided the joining to the organization of the jihad rule in Mesopotamia, and he is what be considered a response for the call that the Al-Qaeda Network leader Osama Ben Ladin shot before several months, and in it Abu Mosaab Al Zarkoi 's appointment a prince to the Al-Qaeda in Iraq declared, and called on the resistance men for the hearing and the obedience of it .

And the group of the brigades of the Islamic anger said that it joined Organization of Jihad's Base in the Country of the Two Rivers execution of an entrustment from Allah and its prophet with the seeking for the unity and the intimidation of Allah enemies . And a statement of the group clarified that it pledged the loyalty to Al-Zarqawi and that it obeys it and obeys it for better or worse and that it does not calm down or submits . And the statement added that the group will go on the jihad way and will not abandon it or the fight till that Allah sharia rules the homeland and the people .

And in the context itself, Abu Al Yaman Al Mdaeni 's battalions said that their fighters work in Salman Pak region southeast of Baghdad and pledged the loyalty also to Al-Zarqawi . And Ben Laden appointed the Al-Qaeda Network leader Al-Zarqawi a deputy of him in Iraq after the pledge of the Jordanian of the loyalty to Ibn Laden in October and the name of his group changed the monotheism and the jihad to Organization of Jihad's Base in the Country of the Two Rivers .

On the other hand, the Al-Qaeda Network in Mesopotamia declared its responsibility about setting a double ambush to the American occupation forces in Al Amel District in Mousel City, in the north of Iraq, where the explosion of a car bomb took place at the passage of an American group, which led to a killing and the injury of a number of the American soldiers, and during doing the American forces of the transfer of dead and injured, the explosion of a second car bomb took place .

And in another statement, the group declared its responsibility about targeting a patrol of the National Guard by a car bomb in the region of the glorified door near El Rasafa district in Baghdad