Thursday, March 31, 2005

Al Sunna releases 16 hostages

While AQ is capturing contractors (see below), Al Sunna is releasing 16 hostages after figuring out that they had nothing to do with the US or coalition forces, attaching a video with this to prove I guess, that they really were released.


Ansar al-Sunna Army is the tape of the release about 16 workers have been captured then it became clear that they have no relation with the Americans


Ansar al-Sunna Army is the tape of the release about 16 workers it has detained them after it became clear that they have no relation with the American forces

In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful
The praise of Allah the Lord of the Worlds and the prayer and the greeting on the militants imam our prophet Mohamed and on its family and its friends as a wholes and till now :

We have declared yesterday carrying out the arrest of 16 workers that carried out the militants the arrest on them in the way after their exit from the rule of the American ayn of the Al Asad in west of Iraq, and all the investigation with them has taken place that jumped its count that they have no relation with the American forces where one of the contractors carried out ( and he is a recruit from the American forces ) with their deception and informed them about the presence of job opportunities in an Iraqi company that falls in the Baghdadi region and by the monthly salary of its amount 400 dollars and carried out with their sending by cars to the Al-Qaeda the Al Asad American ( as a clarified in the tape of their recognitions ) and they when they knew that the work with the American forces refused and returned and in the way of their return it carried out the militants the arrest of them as assumed by them that they make inside the Al-Qaeda, on it all their release took place and from this accident we like the coming clarification :

* after two years approximately from the crusade attack on Iraq for us the failure of these forces in the recruitment of more workers becomes clear and that she is with the direst of the need to them for the work in their military bases after the close and distant from the intensity of the militants hitting abandoned them, Fdtrt for a recruitment who carries out the simple people deception and their temptation to the money for the work in their rules .

* we as militants prove to the world with this work that our case first of all a legitimate case and lean in issuing any referee on clear proof and a legitimate confirmation as was doing peace be upon him and its benevolent friends, Lzlm after it became clear for us after the end of the investigation with them that these workers have been deceived and denied on them and no relation for them originally by the crusade forces we carried out the release of them directly .

On it we direct our speech of all of the workers and advise you that you make sure and realize from the companies and the sites that want the work in them Lel-A that is to the crusade forces or belonging to them somehow, and because it lives one of you on its day's living which Allah grants it a good for it from that it sells its religion and its hereafter for the sake of few dollars and makes with the crusade forces .

And Allah invoked peace upon our prophet Mohamed and upon its family and its friends and greeted .

The military organization to Ansar Al-Sunna army

21 / Safar / 1426

31/ 3 / 2005

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