Saturday, March 12, 2005

AQ claims homicide bombing in Baghdad

Claims of a homicide bombing in the Al-Adl district of Baghdad today. I couldn't find anything about this on Google news, so it could be false.


A statement from the Al-Qaeda Network adopts the martyrdom operation on the fast line in Al-Adl district a while ago


In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful
The praise of Allah the Lord of the Worlds and the consequence of the pious and no aggression except on the oppressors, and greeting the militants imam our prophet Mohamed and on its family and its friends as a wholes

As for till now :

In the evening of this day Saturday 2 / from the zero of the agreeing 1426 12 / 3 / 2005, and not the sun went to the sunset, the martyrs battalion lights shone, then it said goodbye to a generous brother from Mohamed 's island peace be upon him

And not two tanks were standing on the fast line leading to Al-Adl district in Baghdad that Allah freed its families and the countries families, and the divine decree rose that the crowds Tthshd is from Artalhm have we saw a minesweeper and hamza and armoured vehicles stood on the way

He rushed to he is doubled by its car then he indulged amid the Americans and an oldness and a dawn and making their remains it scatters, then they softened this battle of sunset

Allah had mercy on you O our brother and our lover and ask Allah rose that it gathers us and you in the Gardens of Bliss, lament you O brother where no Bouaki of you but our consolation in you that you won the heart God Willing that rose

And you Allah enemies it rose this what a killing and a destruction and a ruin waits, and it will see the ones who wronged any return they turn back

And the Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest ..And to the honour Allah and to its messenger and to the militants