Monday, March 21, 2005

AQ in Iraq - This is our dogma

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( this our dogma ) Organization of Jihad's Base in the Country of the Two Rivers

In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful
Our dogma and our curriculum

The praise of Allah praises it and we seek help from it and we seek forgiveness from it and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and from the sins of our works who Allah demolishes then no misleader to it and who misleads then no Hadi for it and testify to no God except Allah alone no participant to it and testify that Mhmda Abdou and its messenger ( O you who Amanoua Ittaqoua Allah it became suitable its pious Wala Tamoutunna Illa and you are Mmoslemouna ) the Imran's Family : 102

( Oh people Ittaqoua your Lord that Mmen Nnafsen created single and it created from them their husband and transmitted from them men many and women Wattaqoua Allah that Tasaalouna by it and the kinship Allah was on you a sergeant ) the women : 1 ( Oh you who believe you avoided Allah and say you an appropriate words it repairs for you your works Wayaghfer for you your sins and

As for till now :
This a dogma and the Al-Qaeda Network method in Mesopotamia in it are a clarification and a clarification of our state and what agreed on it, then he the Allah's religion rose the one that believe in it and follow on it and from its sake fight and antagonize .

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This is our dogma and this our curriculum understood our religion and our habit, on it we meet and from its sake we fight .

We ask Allah it rose the guidance and the stability and their need until the death, and that it makes us of the conquerors to the countries raiser of the monotheism flag and the year, the warriors for the association of partners and the innovation .

And Allah invoked peace upon our prophet Mohamed and upon its family and its friends as a wholes

The command of the Al-Qaeda Network in Mesopotamia
The legitimate committee to the Al-Qaeda Network in Mesopotamia

Here is the text of the word document that is at the download links:

Organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

Indeed praise be to God praise him and seek help him and ask for forgiveness him [wne'wdh] in Allah from bads ourselves and blessing bad our works from [yhdh] Allah so not misleading for him and blessing misguides so not guide for him and witness that not god except Allah unify him not partner for him and witness that [mHmdaaAA] Abd his and his messenger ([yaaa] any her who believed truth feared Allah [tuqaaatihi] nor die except and you [mmuslimuwna]) family of ages: 102 ([yaaa] any her the people feared god who character your from self and iron and character from her husband her and broadcasted from them [rijaaalaaAA] your a lot and women and feared Allah who [tasaaa'luwna] in him and the uteri indeed Allah was on you [raqiybaaAA]) the women:1 ([yaaa] any her who believed Allah feared and say negotiated [sadiydaaAA] punching your repairs of works and punching forgives [dhunuwbakum] and blessing [yuTie'] Allah and his messenger lost so buzz won [e'aDHiymaaAA] (the parties: 71).

As for after: So this belief and method " organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn " in her statement and clarification to prevented and what congregated on him, so he religion Allah rose who loan in him and Nawal my on him and from magnificent his strive and antagonize, so praising say after Allah rose and the assistance in him:

•Guarantee that Allah rose be exalted in rose him not god changed him, nor worshipped rightly level off him, fasteners for him glory his what proved him word of the unification contradicted about him the polytheism and the criticism so witness that not god except Allah and restricted him not partner for him, and that this she first the religion and other his and apparent his and his interior from said her and her lines observed and truth so he of muslim performed her, and from did not [y'ati] in her lines or one committed [nwaaqDhaa] so he disbeliever and indeed claimed that he muslim.

•Guarantee that Allah he the Creator arranged rose for him the King and for him the praising and he on able everything, and that he he first and the other and apparent and the interior (his example not as wanted and he [aalssamiye'u] the foresight), nor [nlHd] in ['asmaay'h] rose nor in his his characteristics of glory and secure her for him you the correct book and the age came in from other than conditioning nor representation nor interpretation nor breakdown.

•Guarantee that [mHmdaa] r messenger Allah to the character of all their mankind and their jinns, his observance be necessary and his obedience grants in all [maa] pass him and his ratification and the delivery for him in all what reported in him, and required of statement observe rose in him:((so not and your god not guarantee until [yuHakkimuwka] while trees between them then not be new so me themselves [HarajaaAA] of which [qaDayta] and hand over [tasliymaa]))[AA] the women): 65

•The honored guarantee in angels Allah and that them not Allah what their disobey order and do what order, and that their love from the faith and in fresh their from the hamlets.

•Guarantee that the Quran of speech Allah his watercresses rose in and helped his, and that he feature from characteristics Allah rose creature not in; Consequently his glorification be necessary and his followers granted and his arbitration imposed.

•Prophets guarantee in Allah rose and his messengers ['ajme'yn], first their Adam ? and last their [mHmd]r friendly brothers [bue'thwaa] in message unification of many the worlds.

•Guarantee that Sunnis of she wave me second and that she shown and explainer for Quran, and what be true from her not exceed him to one of being negotiated from was, and the novelties avoid small her and big her.

•Grain [nbynaa]r duty and bottle [wbGDh]r hamlet and hypocrisy, and for love represent us r family his like of house and revere them nor [nGlwaa] in them nor amaze them.
[wntrDY] about Companions of the Prophet Mohammed all and that them all them deviating [wbGyr] benevolent about them not say, and their love of duty on us and in fresh their hypocrisy stubborn our, and refrain about what trees between them illusion at that [mt'awlwn] benevolent illusion of the peers.

•The his guarantee in benevolent amount and gluttonous all from Allah rose, and that he glory his for him the general will and the absolute will, and that what Allah wanted was and what did not [ysh'a] did not harbors, and to Allah verbs of the worshipers rose Creator, and to for worshipers choice their of verbs after permission Allah, and to his his judiciary and his pot of glory not the mercy and the casual dress and the justice take out about.

•Guarantee that his sufferance of the grave and Naim be true, Allah tortures from deserved him indeed wanted, and indeed wanted [e'fY] about him, and repudiated question guarantee in [wnkyr] on what fixed in him Al-Khobar about messenger Allah ?, with statement Allah rose: {Allah fixs who the fixed statement in the life of the life believed in the afterlife fulfilled and oppressive Allah strays and Allah does what wants}.

•The expedition after the death guarantee in and per day the other and width of the works and the worshipers on Allah insure in rose and day of the account and the balance and the trough and the path insure in and that Heaven truth and the fire of truth.

•Guarantee [b'ashraaT] the hour what be true from her about the prophet ? and to bones of seduction since character Allah Adam ? and until the charlatan straightens the hour she of seduction Christ, and benzole of upright Issa peace be upon him in the share guarantee and return of the succession insure in grown-up on method of the prophecy.

•Guarantee that Allah the fire of people from the monotheist in mediation take out from intercessor, and that the mediation of truth for [mn] Allah permitted for him and bruises for him negotiated.
•Mediation insure in represent us ? and to for him established commendable Judgment Day.

•That the faith of statement and work and intention, and that he belief in the jinns and confirmation of confirmation in the tongue and worked did [baaljwaarH] not [yjzy'] some her about some.
Belief the turning of he:Say him and worked him, so statement the turning of he: Identified his or his flag and his ratification, and from works the turning of the lover and the fear and the hope… ['ilx].
That the faith the obedience increases in and the sin depreciates in .[wlh] your people you reported truthful [aalmSdwq] ? rise her not god except Allah and condemn her ['imaaTt] the harm about the road, and blessing people of the faith what he arrive [yzwl] the faith in his disappearance as branch of the unification (not god except Allah Mohammed messenger Allah) and the prayer and her manner of which legislating text on disappearance asset of the faith and his catabolism in his Turks.
From her what he from duties the faith the essential faith in her decreases disappearance [kaalznaa] and wine drinking the and the robbers and her manner.

•Nor disbelieve [aamr'AA] from unified nor from qibla prayed to conceded in the guilt [kaalznaa] and wine drinking the and the robbers except [ystHlhaa]. The faith negotiated in in the middle of between the leaving [aalGaalyn] and in yen family of the deferral excessive.

•That the hamlet big and belittle, and that governing his falls on committed his belief or statement or work, to atonement the one the designating their of blessing and the governing in perpetuation in the stopped fire on stability of conditions of the atonement and absence his are his of preventers [f'inaa] the statement in texts of the promise release [waalwe'yd] and the atonement [waaltfsyq] nor master for specific in his incomes at that general until straightens in him the required who not opposed for him. Nor the assumptions disbelieve in nor [baalmEEl] nor in needed the statement.

•Hamlet of Allah and his disbelieve from his messenger, and all from [daan] [bGyr] the Islam so he of disbeliever whether in his mother tongue the pilgrimage did not [tblGh].[w'amaa] sufferance the afterlife so not obtains him except from in his language of the proof, said rose:(and what are [mue'adhdhibiyna] until send [rasuwlaaAA]) [aal'israa']: 15

•From pronounciation in the testimonies and backs the Islam be soft and did not [ytlbs] in critic from [nwaaqD] the Islam treated him treated conceded and inner self to Allah torture his rose; Then from backs rituals the debt of puppies be soft on him arbitrators his family so orders of the people of carried on apparent and Allah the inner selves assumes.

•The rejector stubborn our class polytheism of rose.

•Believe that the houses if raised her laws the hamlet and Kent of the victory in her for rules of the hamlet without rules the Islam so she houses of hamlet, nor adheres this atonement inhabitants the houses for absence of state of the Islam and overcoming of overcoming deserted and their mastery their of mastery on crisis of the governing in conceded countries, nor legume say [aalGlaat]: (the asset in the people of the hamlet any more) yet the people all only prevented him their blessing of the muslim and from them the disbeliever.

•Guarantee that the secularist on disagreement her banners and diversity her of gilts as the nationalism and the patriot and the communist and Baathist – she expiated [bwaaH] contradictory for Islam exit from the creed.

Our method

•Our stubborn assets the deduction of the book and Sunnis and in good comprehending the ancestor from the peers the three first favorite.

•Legality of the prayer behind all land see and dissolute and hidden the solver from the muslims.

•The jihad of past to judgment day the in presence of the Imam and his lack and with neighbored him and modified him. Indeed lack of the Imam did not the jihad delays; For that his repairer his delay elapses in, so indeed prize her vow her collected of family on positive the Islamic law, and for each insurer be necessary to jogs strives Allah rose and indeed bugs and restricted him.

•Our ill-got blood Muslim and their accidents and their moneys stubborn not allows from her except what allowed him the Islamic law and outlawed him the messenger ?.

•Indeed attacked [Saay'l] from disbelieving on wives Muslim so indeed the jihad then imposing assigned not stipulates for him line and enforce payment only the possibility so the enemy [aalSaay'l] who the religion and the life spoils nothing the his be necessary after faith from pushing.

•Hamlet of the defection thick collectively from the original hamlet; Therefore combat was deserted first our hardheads from combat of the original disbeliever.
[waal'imaamt] not coagulates for disbelieving and if if the hamlet on the Imam output about governing of the state occurred and tumble his fell of obedience and be necessary be necessary on Muslim the standing on him and undressing his and shares of Imam just indeed be possible them that.

•Standing of the debt in Quran guides and sword grant victory so our jihad the sword and the arrowhead is in and in the proof and alpine.

From put to other than the Islam or defamation in our debt or raising of the sword on us so he warrior be soft.

•The team and the disagreement discard and gathering of the word and the coalition call to.

•Nor [nuu'thm] or muslim in questions of the effort desert.

•Necessity meeting of the nation see – and the militants especially - under banner one.

•The muslims of nation one not favor for their Arab on [e'jmhm] except in the piety, and conceded [ttkaaf'a] [dmaau'hm] and their care seeks in condemn them nor the names modify about which fat Allah rose in her.

•Nawal my custodians Allah rose and grant victory them and enemies antagonize Allah rose [wnbGDhm], and extract and acquit and all creed disbelieve in other than creed of the Islam passable at that road of the book and the age, adjacent spike of the novelty and the deviation.

This [e'qydtunaa] and this our method our debt understood and become worm-infested us, on her congregate and for the sake of her magnificent her strive.

Allah ask rose [aalhdaayta] and the steadiness and their need until [aalmmaat], and to makes us from bright for cities raising for banner of the unification and the age, the warriors for traps and the novelty.

Allah prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]

Leadership organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn
The legitimate committee for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn