Friday, March 11, 2005

AQ's response to the Madrid Fawta

In response to the Fawta issued against Osama Bin Laden in Madrid (follow the link to read more about this story),10166,12521480-1702,00.html

The jihadi's, specifically Al-Queda in Iraq has released a statement:

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A statement from the media part by the Al-Qaeda Network in Mesopotamia answers Madrid conference


In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful
The crowd will be defeated and escape the end but the hour worse and bitterer their date and the hour

The praise of Nasser 's Allah the monotheists with repressive unbelievers and the apostates, and the prayer and the greeting on the militants imam our prophet Mohamed and on its family and its friends as a wholes

As for till now :

Quantity time the unbelievers that united meet and unite against the Islam and fighting the jihad, walk in one line and in the same boat and what for them who they and no grief are except the fight of the Muslims and the torture of them

And they name the Islam in the name of the terrorism and the terrorism of Allah enemies our dogma rose and our religion we taught it Lord in our Qur'an, and our order glory be to with the preparation of what fears who disbelieved in Allah that rose and its religion and its prophet peace be upon him

And whatever you prepared O unbelievers, you are Mflouboun and you will not support, because Allah rose our promise of its support, and it prescribed glory be to on the triumphant sect that no damage and no harming no the one who violated it and no the one who let down her

And this a blessing what is after it a blessing then for it the praise and for it the good praise

And we say for you O Allah enemies you are what met and you gathered and a cork bestows on you except an evident loss then they awaited we are with you waiting
And the Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest ..And to the honour Allah and to its messenger and to the militants

The media department is by the Al-Qaeda Network in Mesopotamia
Friday 28 of Muharram the agreeing 1426 11 / 3 / 2005