Sunday, March 13, 2005

Explosive site

At least this is one of those sites where they keep their information on how to make explosives, etc.


In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful
AlSalam Alaykoum and Allah and its blessings had mercy on it

..With your reading of this file you recognized consequently ..
1- For God's sake they used these files except while satisfies Allah Glory be to Him .
2- We call as witness Allah that we are free the one who uses these files in other than the satisfaction of an Allah Glory be to Him .
3-The non use or the files contents try it by your isolated and you must the severe caution very specially with the explosives and the chemical substances
4- The non the use of these files against yes an accepted and witness Allah we are free the one who does that .

And finally ... She put these files to the interest for spreading the good between the Muslims and their preparation for the jihad then avoided Allah in us and in yourselves and sought the caution and no they advanced a grilling except after the seeking guidance and the consultation of the people of wisdom and the sound opinion then the devil in the sons of Adam the bloodstream takes place and it may master water idea then the one sets out for them motivated by the enthusiasm and this is the danger eye .... Finally ask Allah if it guides us and you to what loves and it is pleased and that it guides our steps and that it grants us a certificate in its sake next and not economical that it is guardian that and he capable of it glory be to and AlSalam Alaykoum and Allah and its blessings had mercy on it ....

The illustrated Abdullah Zu Al Bgadin encyclopedia
Styles and suggested ways for the camouflage of the charges

The mines the bombs the explosive missiles
The industry of Al-Qassam Missiles
The security and the intelligences
The explosion by the mobile
The hollow fillings
The poisons
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Directing and military advices to the militants
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A simplified explanation of the way of the shooting of R.b.g- weapon 7 ) )
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The industry of popular bombs
The making of charges and bombs
A making hiding a gun
A local charge
Military sciences
The kidnapping art
How she brings the explosive devices
How she becomes a military commander
Istrtigia the militants
Mojahed 's manners
Aids and warnings
The organized ideas according to the beneficiaries to 100
The sport before the jihad
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The mayor is in the preparation of the equipment
The payer explosives
The dividing explosives
The explosives are half the sensitive
The biggest weapon encyclopedia
The physical collar