Sunday, March 13, 2005

F-16 hit with a surface to air missle?

Another one from Islam Intellectual. Take it for what it's worth.


The Iraqi resistance an American fighter gets to F kind 16 by a missile is in a country
Sunday 2 zeros 1426 H - 13 March 2005 AD updated of 1 : 59 AD in the local time of Mecca

The Islam intellectual [ is special ] : the elements of the Iraqi resistance could injure fighting American plane from F kind 16 in the sky of Balad city located at a distance of about 70 km in the north of the capital Baghdad .

And the correspondent of the American fighting Islam intellectual has watched that the fires burn in its back parts only, and that at a distance of not distant from the earth surface .

And the Islam intellectual correspondent clarified that one of Iraqi resistance groups and she is the Salafi Abu Bakr brigades have declared its responsibility about the injury of the American fighting after its targeting by surface-to-air missile from Sum 's kind 9 making Russian .

And our correspondent said : the injured American fighting has deviated to outside Balad city and she is in residence state to the land, while the eyewitnesses confirmed that the fighting set could descend by an umbrella near the existing American base in the west of a country .
And the Islam intellectual will give you by the developments another one around this operation God Willing the present of its availability from its present correspondent in Salah Al-Din 's governorate .