Friday, March 25, 2005

Jihadis having a hard time keeping sites up - poor babies

Although I believe there's some information to be gleaned from jihadi sites, it doesn't make me sad to see them shut down by vigilent hosting companies. As the jihadis themselves say below, who would want to host an Al-Queda site?


The praise of Allah that is not praised except him and the prayer and the greeting on who Lanbi is and on its family and its good friends till now and who followed them with perfection to a day they are resurrected
..As for till now

To the militants and the militants in the group of the Al-Qaeda Networks
Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you

We have established the Al-Qaeda Network forums on Al Likous site, and all of you know Al Likous site and its awful propaganda that dissuade the administration and the supervisors and the supervisors and the militants and the militants from the forums because of these damnable propaganda,

And we have tried diligent that we eliminate these propaganda, but in vain, and an around of us and no the power of an Al Aballh

And many of you she may talk to it himself why you do not hire a server and kill from these problems ؟ ؟ and this question we asked about it actually, and that I to stranger than such questions !!!From and any company hosts jihad terrorist forums and the disaster its name is the Al-Qaeda Network forums ؟؟؟

We do not hide you secretely we have tried, but we did not find who hosts us, but calculated its saying he rose by its holy Hadith ( my slave you want and I want and Allah does what wants and will bear only what was wanted ) then a patience is good and the helper Allah

But our meeting with you not and did not end God willing that rose, but we will meet temporarily on these forums

And who could not partner from you then on it the recording once more and helped you Allah

And our last prayer is that the praise of Allah is the Lord of the Worlds
And Allah invoked peace and greeted on our prophet and our lover Mohamed and on its family and its friends as a wholes

The Al-Qaeda Network forums administration
According to your brothers in the Al-Qaeda Network forums
And Allah is the greatest and to the honour Allah and to the Islam and to the militants

Your brothers are the group of the Al-Qaeda Networks