Sunday, March 13, 2005

Missle attack on US base in Samarra

Again, Islam Intellectual


The wildest is two months ago ..An unprecedented missile attack hits the American base in the west of Samarra
Sunday 2 zeros 1426 H - 13 March 2005 AD updated of 1 : 05 AD in the local time of Mecca

The Islam intellectual [ is special ] : the Iraqi resistance launched today Sunday a missile attack it was described that it is unprecedented that targeted the headquarters of the American occupation forces in the west of Samarra city the located in the north of the capital Baghdad .

The mentioned rule has been exposed at eighth in the morning by the local time, for the bombardment in about 42 Mortar Shell it targeted all Al-Qaeda axes .

And the Islam intellectual correspondent in Samarra said : the bombardment resulted in the rise of terrific fires so that it enabled the city peoples its watching from the street without the ascension to the surfaces of their houses, as the dense plumes of smoke rose and the fire flames at a distance of are estimated at about 20 metres, and heard also the explosions sounds that destroyed the glass of the most of houses located at a distance of a single kilometer about from the Al-Qaeda .

And our correspondent pointed that more than of 15 American helicopters hovered over the American base, where it has transferred tens of bodies and the injured from the place under the sight of the city peoples all, and the transfer operations continued about the hour and the half Zhaba and a return and up and down from and to the Al-Qaeda .

This, and until now any authority did not declare its responsibility about the operation that is considered from the wildest missile attacks that afflicts an American base all over Iraq since about a month