Thursday, March 31, 2005

On April 1 Zarqawi plans for chemical weapons attack on Europe

We've all heard this one before, but this time it's almost like it's in the form of an April Fools joke....I'm not laughing.


Al-Zarqawi plans for an attack by the chemical weapons on Europe

Thursday ,31 March - 2005

Gaza - the homeland world
A German monthly magazine according to sources in the German intelligence agencies reported that Abu Mosaab Al Zarkoi the Al-Qaeda Network leader in Mesopotamia plans for an attack by the chemical weapons on Europe .

And an official said in the German intelligence agencies in statements that Tsitsirou magazine spread in their number April one day a big explosion will happen here in Europe and Al-Zarqawi will plan to it .

And he believes that Al-Zarqawi tried getting components that allows for him with the industry of such weapons in Georgia and in a region in north of Caucasus Russian disturbed and the official to the newspaper has recognized that he does not know to any extent that could achieve his targets, hosting that know only that he worked on that .

And the German intelligence agencies estimate according to the magazine at 150 persons at least the number of the elements belonging to the first wanted in Iraq who formed cells in south of Germany and Berlin mainly .

And Al-Zarqawi is accused with his supporters in Iraq with the execution of bloody aggressions and the operations of kidnapping and the execution of hostages and The United States has presented a reward the amount of 25 million dollars ( 20 million Euros ) information in return for it leads to the arrest on him .

As the Jordanian justice judged on Al-Zarqawi in absentia by the charge of the preparation for an attack by the chemical weapons the authorities could frustrate it before its execution .