Sunday, March 13, 2005

South Korean Iraq base attacked

Not sure if AQ is claiming this one, or if someone else is. Please note that even the jihadis have a hard time believing The Islam Intellectual.


The its first of its kind ..A missile attack hits the southern Korean forces base in Arbela


The Islam intellectual [ is special ] : the Iraqi resistance launched a missile attack, targeted the military base belonging to the southern Korean forces in Arbela city in the north of the capital Baghdad .
And eyewitnesses to the Islam intellectual correspondent in Arbela reported, that the mentioned rule was exposed to shooting four missiles of surface-to-surface from Katyusha kind, where the dense plumes of smoke were watched they rise from the place .
And the correspondent pointed that he heard the rumble of two explosions inside the Al-Qaeda that followed the missile bombardment, while the Korean occupation forces shot the warning sirens and the forces of the Iraqi police and the Peshmerga were watched the Kurdish he heads for the Al-Qaeda place, as American helicopters hovered over the place circumference .
This, and he did not become possible for our correspondent of knowledge the size of the losses that the Korean occupation forces suffered until now, and considers this attack he the his first of its kind on the Korean forces since their arrival at Iraq .