Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sunna supporters army adopts the explosion of a car bomb on Kirkuk police chief

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In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful

( their killers that Allah torture by your hands are Wayoukhzehem Wayansurkum on them Wayashfe issuing a believing people ) the repentance : 14

The praise of Allah the Lord of the Worlds and the prayer and the greeting on the envoy by the sword between my hands the hour mercy of the worlds ..And till now

In Tuesday in the morning 18 / Safar / 1426 - 29 / March / 2005 group of your brothers carried out the fighting in Kirkuk, in a region a merciful it housed in the roundness ( its orbit ) of the brothers with the explosion of a car bomb on the apostate procession major general Shirkou Kirkuk police chief and this operation of it the advantages of place and time, then its place in a region detained in it many of our brothers the Kurdish militants in addition to many of the Muslims with the suspicion of the jihad and with slander from the general that wants with their claim of its cleaning of the militants and she is one of the most important strongholds of the Kurds in Kirkuk that considers at them Krdstan heart, as for the time then she is a response to the claims of apostate Msoudalbarzani that the Peshmerga are the most capable on keeping the security in their regions .. And they could not protect their apostate police manager Shirkou from the attack ..And we will inform you later on of other details to the operation

And Allah is the greatest and the honour to Allah and its messenger and the believing one

The military organization to the Sunna supporters army

18 / Safar / 1426

29 / March / 2005