Friday, March 25, 2005

Two groups claim the responsibility about the explosion of Texas

I think I'm on the side of the FBI on this one. I just doubt that this was caused by jihadis - but I've been known to be wrong.


Two groups claim the responsibility about the explosion of Texas

The medic teams and she evacuates one of injured of Texas explosion (Reuters) two Islamic groups claimed their responsibility about the explosion that fell in the huge oil refinery of British Petroleum company ( BP ) in Texas in the south of The United States Wednesday, that resulted in the killing of 15 persons at least and a more than injuring hundred others .

And a non known group that calls herself the Al-Qaeda Network for the sake of the jihad in The United States said that it will issue a detailed statement and with it a videotape about the attack later . And she transmitted its advertisement on the Internet .

And another group that called the East army transmitted a clarification on the Internet that claimed in it its responsibility about the explosion that fell in the complex of company refinement ( Bi . Bi ) and it was not possible the verification immediately of the truth of these data .

And the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( Fbi ) doubted the two statements, and said that it is no evidence that the explosion that fell in State Of Texas is resulting from any terrorist or criminal activity .

And Yasser Al Siri Al-N excluded And he said they have been issued two late extremely after the accident and not by them any details at all . And one of the Islamic sites removed the two statements after a short period of their broadcasting .

And Tribl family the spokesman of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Houston said that there is no evidence on an act of sabotage in the facility the third the biggest the oil refinement complexes in The United States .

And the company did not manage immediately the specification of the explosion reason in the complex of the huge refinement that its energy reaches 470 thousand barrels daily, but the company excluded that the explosion reason is a terrorist attack .

And British Petroleum refinery results in Texas city near Houston 30 % of the company production total in The United States and 3 % of the total of the American production, according to the company site on the Internet . Also the institute includes 30 units of clarification .

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