Monday, April 25, 2005

AQ in Iraq claims ambush on US Intelligence services in Baghdad


Statement from organization Al-Qaeda operation of the attack on queue adopts [llsy] [EEy] any in district of the justice in Baghdad


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the consequence [llmtqyn] nor jogs except on oppressive and the prayer and the peace on Imam of the militants represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme ' yn].

As for after:

Uncles in secrecy rose your first bruises Allah about him the follower for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn this today 16/from spring first 1426 corresponding April 25, 2005, in monument of ambush on queue for intelligence the American ([aalsy] [EEy] any) on the fast lane in the proximity from district of the justice, and in Hamad Allah passage of the queue rose after rain him militants of the heroes in shower from the bullet burning and what car passed except and the horror tasted [waalhwaan],

Your brothers in organization Al-Qaeda in countries last AlRafidayn in their jihad and their combat of enemies Allah rose until the countries and the worshipers masters Islamic law Allah.

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants.