Monday, April 25, 2005

Assassination attempt in Yemen kills 1

Found this first in the jihadi forums, but then also in the regular news.

First the post from the forums:


Urgent explosion shakes the Italian embassy in Yemen


Harbor: Killing of person in explosion of bomb near the Italian embassy

And here's the english version..


Report: Yemen's military intelligence chief survives assassination attempt

Posted: 25-04-2005 , 15:48 GMT

Yemen's military intelligence chief Brig. Ali Sayani survived an assassination attempt in Sanaa Monday. Several civilians, however, were at least wounded in this incident.

Daily Rai News quoted a Yemeni security source as saying the attacker tossed a hand grenade inside Sayani's car, but his bodyguards managed to throw it back before it detonated. According to this report, the attacker and a number of passersby were injured and rushed to the hospital. Another report said a bystander was killed after the assailant missed the intended target.

The attack took place near the Central Customs office and close to the Italian embassy.

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