Monday, April 25, 2005

Battle of big Baghdad started

Guess they're going to start things up again. Did they ever really stop?


Battle of big Baghdad started 00000000000000


In praising Allah and preferred him battle of big Baghdad started; So who Baghdad occurs in now different about all what operations of the resistance occurred in previous, and which were in all deporting from her self of goals other opposite goals of the works [aaljhaadyt] and resistant current now in Baghdad, so Iraq wail in front of decisive evolution in strategy of war of liberation.

Yes. To resistant beginning eruption witnessed Baghdad.

Yes. Baghdad before bombardment for area witnessed green or area of the palaces which focusses in her forces the occupation and her embassy and all corporations of the state of the agent which try Iraq played her building on land; To abominable giving their occupation of legitimacy of the presence, and for occurrence on smiling deed counterfeit of the Iraqi people from agents for they in stay forces of the occupation.

Yes. The resistance from penetration of the green area in martyrs managed entered to her in spite of all the guard around “the towers of the praising”, and soldier of the jogs killed and from and important, and on the partitions in front of her other operations martyr were.

Yes. Street witnessed “inequity” genius operations on military level the tactic, occurred in her persuasion or pulling of forces of the occupation to battles other than calculated, and during her resistant ambushes of graduation were to them from where did not inquire; [ltdhyqhm] fire of the death and to the jihad feared.

Yes. Baghdad witnessed before ten yet hundred the martyr operations, occurred some her against forces of the occupation and occurred some her against what national falsity in the guard rises, and occurred some her to finishing life of agents for occupation from this category or that.

Yes. Tumble flying before, her one of airplane grown-up shipped, and divided her airplanes of helicopter military from different the kinds, and Kent the losses in her harmful on the American forces and the British.

Yes. Road of the airport to road for death prevents for jogs Iraq and occupied his, and catechu daily trap becomes raises in her the motor militants ambushes which leads her live martyrs, or the ambushes of the carried on the cars for clash or the cars of the amalgamation, and the militants became hereunto the road as who raises ['afxaaxAAaa] for mice in inside his house; Falls in her the mice in every day.

Yes. Glorious Baghdad days witnessed, so all bitter day on her since the occupation glorious days was.

To the current operations are now in last Baghdad from category, and different kind, strategic view political and soldier and different tactic agreed.

Indeed us witness now battle of big Baghdad

Battle and Baghdad big current she on process the war [aaljhaadyt], and not on process the war orderly, and lowness your forms important matter to understand what occurs, so wail not in front of battle between armies fighting defeats in her first second in blow or several strikes or through battle or several battles, fulfilled tall time timed short, and grow we in front of battle in her attacked saving, aims the militants and resistant in her orientation the strikes separate in inside “Baghdad”, and in shackles condensed between area and last for over exertion this strength, and losing her went her moral, losing the American forces appraized her on the concentration in the sites terminal outside Baghdad, and to raising spirits the citizens in what pays them for movement in riot and numerous from paradox the protest, you target reduction power forces the occupation on the movement Inside Baghdad; In what circumstances allows in generous for militants and more direct in the merger in the people, you the militants to pushing of cutters aims from who forces of National Guard to the escape brand in tightened you the service, or delivery their of weapons for militants… ['ilx].

All that according to strategic view new integral.

The previous stage

From follower of works returns to resistant which beginning battle of current Baghdad occurred before, notices that that operations her of goals were as next:

Firstly: Operations for announcing about the resistance, and opposite idea defeat of the Iraqi highness after occupation Baghdad, where jar of collected from the operations was aimed her President he of resistant announcing noons, and preventing any collapsing for soul the spirit for human the Iraqi, and he what operations of the advertisement rises in armed. Baghdad was complete choice and not changed her to represented this manner from the operations; For difficulty concealment of resistant enemy for operations because of the dense presence for devices of the information in the capital, and because of the human depth of the grown-up, where not concealment be possible like this operations about the Iraqi

Secondly: American operations for prevention mix in the inhabitants, and cud of several operations already occupied preventing the enemy from crossing of the distance between forces of the occupation and the citizens targeted, where individuals forces of the occupation was already [bd'waa] arranged plan for mix in the inhabitants through the vitality commercial and the vitality of the entertainments.

Thirdly: Operations symbolic shaking of presence of the occupation targets, where cud of collected from the operations which the green area targeted, and the American attack on the embassy in her, and green penetration the area and attempt of hunting or substitute killing of American Secretary of Defense… ['ilx]

Fourthly: Operations for prevention the American forces from distribution her of last forces in the areas, or for dispersion afforded her on the concentrating, and she operations cud during battle Fallujah first particularly, and street of inequity concentrated in and on road Abu Ghraib Fallujah, and plan preventing of forces of the occupation from [nql] came within strengthened her from Baghdad to Fallujah, or for dominance on knock of the assistance and the land provisioning. He what understood him second forces of the occupation in battle of Fallujah while “imported” several thousand from the forces British; For advent in place of American forces in some the areas, in what enabled her from crowd strengthened her densely against Fallujah in the battle second, nevertheless the resistance Kent envy her of tactic in the battle already second in the spreading and the concentrating not.

Fifth: Operations for opposition of supporting penetrating for occupation in aspects of the capital, and defects of the standing in attacks on headquarters occurred her “the parties” the connected neuroses in the occupation and as to the intention from her prevented this neuroses from the penetrating and the spread, where stay over known that this confessor goal for resistant so not be necessary to get close from her sharp.

New in the current battle

Were that some from resistant goals operations in the last stage, nevertheless current battle Baghdad last goals have fun, summarizing be possible her in next:

Firstly: Forces of the occupation strengthened [wHlfaay'haa] from fixation results of the comic elections which occurred delayed, and lowness your about road raising of tongues luminous the new blaze and the smoke above all forms of the wisdoms. Here did not [t'ati] only operation hunting Allawi and trier his of assassination, in instant of the bargaining last between esparto of the occupation on distribution [mGaanm] the occupation, yet current Kent the operations also in response to game choice of chief for parliament Iraqi forged from Sunnis, and also in answer to statements from his poisons of the occupation of chief to Iraq that he will negotiate with armed, and that he with entering of the militias in the named of falsity in National Guard of the countries.

Secondly: The American forces attracted which preceded that the second spreading during battle Fallujah to Baghdad forced on once again, in what forces the militants from liberation of several cities of payment be possible one, or at least in what the American pressure on Ramadi and Mosul lightens and modern and Al Qaim and Fallujah. So your evil our battle of Fallujah rose first on “[aalaastfraad]” in the strength American in Fallujah, and unarmed her about the other strength and pieces of lines of the arriving assistance and the provisioning to her, and battle of Fallujah rose second on dispersion of the American forces [wHlfaay'haa] in numerous areas, especially Mosul and the ashes, and the day Baghdad resulted step of battle after resistant strength and power in plenty from the cities secured Iraqi in middle and the north with operations rising in the sides; For status forces of the occupation now in front of choices eat them bitter:

Either that concentrating strengthened her [fY] Baghdad on account and her horses and her spread [fY] opposite the last cities, fulfilled this solver dominates resistant in complete feature on several cities of payment one.

Either to Baghdad leaves for what in her from forces so shakes all “executors” the elections and the resistance in the dominance on parts from the capital succeeds, and if forces the occupation the return to idea of new scabs forces from the United States chose; So indeed the battle becomes generous for resistance as opposed to what envisions; Then whenever ample number of forces of the occupation on the land whenever abundant hunting resistant was.

Thirdly: You the constructive resistance of ingrained rules targets Baghdad have fun in especially in the outskirts, and he what benefits from him the resistance on several levels, from her:

Facilitation the preparing for Intifada armed wide the range against all symbols the governing the agent in the capital, while destroys the [fy] instant suitable, and as that beginning in operation the [mn] suffocating gradual for forces the occupation and with her, or conversion Baghdad to solver Mosul and the cindery where the dominance on the land in characteristic resemblance complete for militants, while not in valued forces the occupation except the standing in invasions whether air or through automatic, meeting in opposition and combat, and also conversion Baghdad to city dominates on her the resistance night to does what wants and withdraws your from her day, except from as enveloping in operations against forces the occupation day, and at last pushing forces the occupation for concentration on [aalaaHtmaa'] in the fortified camps in what simplifies possibility bombing the camps this, and as that in what simplifies operations penetration the from places other little fortifications you occurred since days little In operation of jail Abu Ghraib.

Fourthly: The American ability from the standing in specific operations high self effect in the stressing on the administration, and that through dropping of losses big in operation one, or raising the losses in form counterfeit rising, or American hunting ranks big in the army and the intelligence and confessor her in Baghdad, or hunting symbols of the governing of the agent. .['ilx]

Resistant plan and plan of the occupation [we'mlaay'h]

Was what city occurred in “the cities” he the uncoverer for each what [syjrY] in battle Baghdad. If arrested Kent battle “Abu Ghraib” she beginning the announcing about beginning battle Baghdad, so indeed [maa] city of the cities updated in indicator on plan of the occupation was [we'mlaay'h], and on the process which will face in her plan resistant.

So if resistant Kent encirclement and suffocating of forces of the occupation and founders the governing of the agent targets, in gradual form from the outskirts to turning of the city, and if resistant Kent plan of she the standing in operations in the eyes [Abu Ghraib – road of the airport… ['ilx]], so indeed the occupation and his aids [bd'waa] plan opposite through attempt creation of political environment other than favorable in surroundings Baghdad; In order to not the resistance from evolvement her manages of rules in her, and that about road inflaming of fire of the seduction between Sunnis and Shiah.

Indeed what watched him from theatrical informational around the hostages in city of the cities, then around the bodies which discovered, did not harbors intentional from him the general meaning or the general case for seduction in Iraq, and grow was intentional in him attempt defeat of resistant plan in the gradual suffocating for forces of the occupation and the agents in Baghdad from the leaving to interior, or constructive plan of stable rules have fun rushs from her, or opposite resistant plan for liberation “countryside” or eyes Baghdad.

The resistance of plan knew ['ae'daay'haa] so the statements issued exposes very playful and presence of seduction or hostages deny, and lead was that matter of enticing and distinguished from resistant, and important that her apprehension for this very playful making already her [te'aajl] ['ae'daay'haa] in omission flying [aalhlywkwbtr], and in operations legislating the airport and change her.

During the until days coming that [tfte'l] forces the occupation [we'mlaay'haa] expected seductions last in the areas surrounding in Baghdad, you expects to comes the advertisement about form government cooperative with the occupation accompanied in campaign military new in some eyes Baghdad, nevertheless expecting also to manages resistant from defeat plans lighting the seduction, and to manages from physician the attacks American condensed and crazy in wisdoms solver the collapse in solver from the flexibility tactical and lightness the moving and the movement, [wbmshaaGlt] forces the occupation not manages from crowd strengthened her against place in eye his, and in escalation the operations in places other outside Baghdad.

Here forces of the occupation will be connection to situation of the bull in the wrestling already while [txaar] strengthen him, and truimphant that the agents will not wait are in that instant then all from them her hour will be returned to where came.

Renewed not this matter prevented tomorrow, and Baghdad grow she reading for stage of battle which she stage tall and complicated.

What the victory except from at dear Allah Al-Hakim.

In pencil: Rose [rmyH]