Monday, April 25, 2005

Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia?

That's what this post seems to claim. Tough to say for sure though, as the Systran translator is tough to grep sometimes.


Close very grazed him Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia


Before years fulfilled [mHaaDHrt] our generous Sheikh foresight of Sheikh lightened Allah his/the skippers who lightened the road be soft [bru ' aah] [aalshhyrh]

Sheikh/bringer of good news Mohammed Abdullah the highlander kept him Allah

That from [ru ' aah] that birds [xDHraa '] Al-Jazeera resulted from outside and is alone to bird becomes green big and enters Al-Jazeera

Then follows in her [aalshx] graze him Bin Laden

As for the birds of losing started start resulted to Al-Jazeera from [aale ' yyry] and his befriends who Afghanistan left and returned returned

Passing in the youths who Iraq came out to the returning to land started in Al-Jazeera

Bugs returning our Sheikh and our darling of commander of the militants in this time grazed him Mohammed compensation Bin Laden

To the militants and we leads with him [aanshaaaallh]

So is [tDnwn] that he if returned holding wills in him forces of the security or [yqtlwh] not and Allah

So Hamitic Allah his second at I friends in the army and the security and the topics say and Allah if saw him [lnaaSrnaah] and I say you you Yemen said prince [lsfyaan] the bulls

When flag that [aabwje ' fr] the Mansour searchs about him said and Allah if daughter-in-law under antiquities blame promoted her [lyraak] [aabwje ' fr] the Mansour

Say [e ' sY] that is close [aanshaaaallh]


Your cutting Allah [xyrEE] brothers in Allah [Haarth] Bin free on the reminding ....... Cutting Allah Sheikh bringer of good news of all welfare and returned him Allah be soft [saalmEE] [GaanmEE] O God Amen