Friday, April 22, 2005

Bombing outside of a mosque today

Just seeing reports of this coming onto the forums.

Mine of lands nine American soldiers of west harvests Baquba

Friday 13 spring first 1426[h] - April 22, 2005 [m] latest update 5:56 [m] in timing Mecca

Thinker of the Islam [special]: Found [tse'h] American soldiers their of death on outlook from families of city Baquba after prayer Friday back today, and lowness your when mine of lands exploded aiming periodic their the infantry man formative from more than 20 soldier were straighten in periodic their accustomed around mosques the city during throwing of speech of Friday in west of the city.

Pondered [nql] correspondent about the inherent praised leadership of forces promoted from “fighter of the terrorism” the Iraqi say him: “his mine exploded lands of planting “terrorists” and American queues of infantry man targeted was straightens “in protection of the mosque from the attacks of the terrorist which targets him”, and resulted this about killing [tse'h] American soldiers and injury [EExryyn] in wounds”.

The source added: “the mining initial phrase about bomb of the make was her preparing was complete with care in such a manner that could “the terrorists” through her explosion of harvest big number of the soldiers American”.

Eyewitnesses the reported that the Americans did not are the mosque according to of exported allegation warm up, and for their shelter were Friday watch speech, and make sure of which if the speaker was the people on the jihad will incite [fye'tqlwh] before his forum lowers from on.

From her side forces of the occupation rose American in encirclement of the place and raising of the bodies quickly big after force serous from departing of the place before her withdrawal of she from him.

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April 22/April 2005 - latest update 16:50

Killing ten in mined explosion car at mosque for sect in Baghdad

Baghdad (Reuters) - the Iraqi police that mined car announced mosque for sect exploded outside in Baghdad at the termination from prayer Friday of which killing of ten persons and injury performed to 15.

Dropping of the explosion outside mosque [aalSbyH] in area of new Baghdad happening in east of the capital.

Witness for Reuters said “daughter-in-law accelerated cars towards the mosque lead to Friday when reputation of strong explosions pray.”

Added “[hrwlt] for interior the mosque to [nql] of bodies who killed. My clothes the blood sank in.”

Rivers of wall from the building apparently from rigor of the explosion and water-tanker inside the mosque exploded to ground of the mosque drowns. Previews her photos television of Reuters of big gatherings red from the mixed waters in the blood showed.

Load laborers of the rescue of the bodies afar about the mosque on carriages of hand and the wreckage and the debris in removed promoted. Dammar full of riding Kent the mosque waits outside to are did not harbors in her sharp time fall of the explosion.

The explosion of he modern in series of explosions outside mosques all from elapsed Shiah and Sunnis in Iraq during tongues in the middle of tension between the groups.

Friday announced the American army that suicidal dawn motor at check point for police the Iraqi of killing three and wounding three.

The army in statement said that he motor explosion occurred which were loaded in what manner 120 kilogram from the bombs at point of search in north in the middle of Baghdad appraizes in.

Added alpine that two from employees Interior Ministry the Iraqi and officer of police killed. Officer of police and civilians hit.