Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jihadi news for April 20.

This site gives, in English, the news clips of the day from the jihadi point of view

The Summary of the News Wednesday 11/03/1426 === 20/04/2005

Iraq: -

Among them 4 are prisoners : 13 American soldier were in Kaem .

In 6 operations : 14 American soldier were killed .

Dead and wounded in a missile attack targets an American base in Sammeraa .

Two machine are destroyed and a number of the American soldiers were killed and wounded in the east of Bakouba .

Faloja … the place of occupation in Saklawia was bombarded and some confrontations between the resistance and the occupation .

An American Newspaper talks about the resistance attack to the Marines base in Hasibia .

Finding 6 bodies of the national guards in Nezal district in Faloja .

Four of the Iraqi police were killed as their round was attacked they have in Basra .

11 man were killed and 38 were wounded in an explosive operation targets the place of the Iraqi army in Baghdad .

the leader of the operation of attacking Madaen Adnan Thabet was assassinated .

The general inspector for the Interior affairs ministry in Emarra , Kot and Naseria was killed .

The chief of the Germany language department in Baghdad university was assassinated .

7 Kurds were captured during their leaving a camp for the American army in the north of Bakouba .

The spokesman of the high negotiation for the elections in Iraq Fared Ayar was resigned .

Madaen trick : No hostages ….. No capturers : The Iraqi forces attack the town and the minister of interior affrirs accuses the Iranian Intelligences .

A declaration from Muslim Ulama Committee : The crisis in “ Madaen “ is not real and its aims are so clear .

On the Madaen background ….. France Press : Zarkawy group declaration about a plan for displacing the Sunna people and killing them .

A demonstration in Baghdad to ask the American forces to leave .

After killing one of them that was working in an American camp : Philippine asks its people to leave Iraq immediately .

Britain moves a secret unit from Ireland to Iraq and other countries .

The British Newspapers : Iraq between the created Madaen crisis and the insistence of the Sheit to have hostages .

A report ….. Madaen embarrasses the Sheit leaders and rings the danger bells in the face of the sectarianism plans .

Madaen ….. the mine that is not exploded yet / Yaser Saad .

Iran achieves its dreams by an American weapon / Dr. Abd Al Hady Hessin Al Tamemy.

Chechnya : -

“ Inter fax “ : The Chechen fighters rearrange their lines and demonstrate the mountains regions .

An explosion in Daghistan kills a man and injures another .

The prisoners : -

The counselor of the Islamic world affairs in the Red Cross meets the defense team of the Saudi prisoners in Guantanamo .

Releasing 17 Afghani prisoner from Guantanamo .

Asking for an International committee to reveal the torturing that the prisoners have : Mexico studies the support of Cuba suggestion about the torturing in Guantanamo .

A military report : Among Guantanamo prisoners many learned in America .

Releasing 194 Iraqi prisoner from the American prisons .

The American army distributes a list of the crucial tactics for investigating by its soldiers in Iraq .

A Palestinian woman waits her husband for 17 year : Spreading the diseases among ‘ Aofr “ prison and increasing the misery of the children in “ Atsyoon “ prison .

The Palestinian prisoner club : 2500 family are prevented from visiting their prisoners sons .

Washington Post claims about Mosoy confession about his involvement in September attacks .

America : -

Europe is no more a center for Christianity / Gorge F. Well .

An official in Blair party leaves it because of the war in Iraq .

Electing the German Cardinal Ratsinger The Pop for Vatican .

Palestine : -

Two Jewish soldiers soldiers attack a military position by the sonic bombs as a revenge from their battalion leader .

An Israeli investigation about the martyrdom of Rafah boys : The soldiers shoot them aiming to kill them .

Periaz warns from Hamas winning : We have to support Abu Mazin in the elections .

Dahlan during his meeting with the Zionist minister of communications : There is probability to delay the legal elections .

The Zionist identity declares about a bid for selling lands in Moghtasaba in the middle of the west Bank .

Shalom shows “ Israel “ plan after leaving Gaza : No for the right of returning and withdrawing from Jerusalem and the colonies .

A Hebrew Newspaper : A development in the sort in the Palestinian resistance operations .

The Hebrew Maareef Newspaper : 150 Jewish family ask for leaving in a fraid of the Palestinians .

As an objection about the authority negligence to the prisoners case : 50 armed from Aqsa battalions continue dominating the legality branch in Jeanine .

Egypt signs an agreement to export the gas to the Israeli occupation .

Turkey give Israel a military deal with a worth of 200 million Dollars .

11 employees demand 18 million dollars as compensation …. The Israeli get out from their silence : Daymona reactant corrodes … and a source of Cancer .

Nezal “ a political leader in Hamas “ : Cairo declaration will be only ink on papers if the elections delayed or if the resistance weapons are taken away .

“ Hamas “ scarecrow pushes Fateh to delay the legal elections / Wessam Afifa

The Arab : -

Attainment a cell from the wanted ones in Naseem district in Ryad .

The culture and the Media replies the decision to increase the works opportunity for women : Governmental facilities to give informative licenses to the Saudi women .

In a time that there are many young men did not work : An industrial city in Abha to employ 8 thousand girl and brings the women investigations .

The Qwaiti parliament agrees to let the woman participate in the local elections .

Mekaty forms the new Lebanese government of 14 minister .

They signed a report agreed with the Judges movement : The Professors in the Egyptian universities demonstrate and ask for reformation .

Yemen refuses to let Hawza Al Nagaf intervenes in the Yemeni affairs .

The authorities of Morocco release 39 prisoner accused of the explosions of Al Dar Al Bidaa .

Ahwaz confrontations : 200 men were detained and making the “ Jazera “ channel responsible for the misleading .

A chapter in the Country terrorism / Fahmy Hoedy .

The Muslim and the world : -

Negotiations between Manilla and “ Moro “ to solve the crisis of “ The Ancestors Land “ .

The organization of the Islamic conference calls Burma to delete the distinction laws against the Muslims .

Health : -

As a recent study says : Five cups of black or green tea protect from Diabetes and its repercussions .

Economy : -

50.34 dollar : The price of the oil falls to its lowest levels in 8 weeks .

Culture : -

Al Nagar : The scientific miracles in Quran is a weapon to face the enemies of the Arab and the Muslims .

Technology : -

A processor with 2 Giga and a memory eraches 2 Miga byte : A new computer with a double memory technology .

“ Tangestin T 5 “ ….. Laptop with non – silk components .

The Internet threatens the children with the morals corruption.

The Bluetooth is a technology that proves again that the technology is a double faces weapon .

The Media and the Informing turn the world from the pyramid to the net / Ibrahim Ghariba .