Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The martyrdom of militant Saleh Al Awfi - leader of AQ in Saudi Arabia

There's been an on-going battle in Saudi Arabia over the last 3 days or so between terrorists and the Saudi security forces. It's being said on the forums that the leader of AQ in Saudi Arabia was killed in these clashes. His name was Saleh Al Awfi. This isn't in the media here yet, but here is an english language version of the news out of Saudi Arabia, which talks about the battle and who was killed/captured.



Al Awfi perhaps is murdered and the details of the last moments in the confrontations

The movement could recognize of the details of the last moments from the confrontations and the verification of the numbers that the Ministry of Interior declared as the witnesses pointed that one of the murdered may be Saleh Al Awfi .

And while are except the injuries numbers between the policemen, the numbers of dead and detainees that the Interior Ministry statement reported are right and she is fourteen dead and four injured in the detainees referee and a person surrendered himself . And the number of documented injuries reach between the policemen more than of sixty injuries including a dangerous and the total number of the injuries may come to the limits of the two hundreds .

The operation ended today Bad Al Mghrb after the firing stopped from the jihads then the special security forces have combed the third building and found only dead and injured where there was not a resistance . But the confusion that injured the security forces led that group of them clashes with the other in the exchange of a random firing it was injured because of him ten of the elements including the leader of group Al Rhili .

One of the dead were on wheelchair by an amputated leg and around it a group of assets for which a relation by the person that it uses showed in its total according to the previous information at the police that it is Saleh Al Awfi . But because the body is burnt not is possible the verification definitely except by the DNA test and that the authorities started .