Friday, April 29, 2005

New audio out by Zarqawi -translated transcript and links:

Blah blah blah, with all the blah blah we got from Bush last night, and now more blah blah from Zarqawi, perhaps someone should get the two together for bowling or something, so they could listen to each other talk, blah blah blah.


[::. .[klmt] the commander [aalhzbr] blocked Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] written.::]

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat.
[aalHmdllh] who honor me and bestowed me writing of the word sonic for Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy]
The commander [aalhzbr] scary American commander of the anginae.
His emigrant

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym].

As where from lethal prophet with him [ribbiyyuwna] many so what [wahanuwaa] blame hit them in way Allah
What [Dae'ufuwaa] and what [aastakaaanuwaa] and Allah likes [aalSSaaabiriyna] {146} and what was say them except [qaaaluwaa] suggest doubt
Forgive be soft [dhunuwbanaaa] and our waste in our matter and our antiquities return and christianize us on the people [aalkaaafiriyna]
{147} [faEEtaaahumu] Allah reward of the life and reward of the afterlife and Allah improved likes [aalmuHsiniyna] {148}

The informational department in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn presents
Word for Sheikh the militant of fathers [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah
Prince Al-Qaeda in countries of entitled AlRafidayn and the word
[[yaa'ahl] the Islam of the pull [aalshdh]]

[aalHmdllh] goats the Islam in his victory and degrader of the traps in his subjugation and drain the matters in his matter
[wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness who the days states in his justice and making of the consequence afforded [llmtqyn] in his casual dress
The prayer and Al-Salam on from superior Allah landmark of the Islam in his sword as for after:

From fathers [mSe'bII] [aalzrqaawy] to the militants truthful in land AlRafidayn land of the championship and the redemption
To the lions befriends of the determination [aalshmmaa'], Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat.

On my brothers salutation sustained Al-Salam. Salutation [mthnII] in the brotherhood Hamed
Decreased for their after the salutation of you. Myself and financial from original [wtaald]

[haaqd] years on falling of Baghdad in hands passed cruciferous who did not [yjnwaa] other than the defeat and the disgrace
The lowness [waalshnaar], bitter years and in casual dress of Allah and his reconciliation did not realizes in them yellowish Benoit of worshipers of the crucifix
['ayaaAA] from their goals which [jaau'waa] from magnificent her lost were [yrwmwn] from invasion Iraq the dominance on
The nation and the empowering for state my son [Shywn] from the Nile to Euphrates and to Allah are by virtue of then by virtue of strikes
The militants their assumptions failed [wTaasht] their arrows and want [xaasy'yn] on their heels.
So her you today any her the militants by virtue of Allah of vanguard of the nation and flapper her of mothers and her solid fence
Her rock [aale'tydh] which destroyed on her American pride boastful so in deadly your in deadly your holders brigade of the crucifix
From walked under this our patient brigade from the hypocrites and the apostates from sons so indeed you [laatdhwdwn] about fever
AlRafidayn so according to and but you the nation in her defend capture, indeed your jog of the American became today in status [laayHsd]
On him because of your successful strikes and the centralization by virtue of Allah rose and which compelled him on the fast striving
To dialog with the militants opened and to are [hyhaat] [hyhaat] so indeed her deception Satan inspired in her to devils of the mankind
[fmaaldhy] pushing their for statement that he to opening door of the dialog with factions annihilate from resistant your allege
Indeed him your jihad and your patience your of jumps in facing this jog, losing newspaper reminded the Washington Post
In elongated saying of spreading in date ninth ten from current March for her writer [EEskwt] [tyswn] entitled
“after years. War Iraq the American army exhausts” the writer says:.
[indeed him after years from opening of the United States for war Iraq so indeed operations of the resistance Iraqi
Still sources of the army crushes American in the middle of heavy requests other than expecting in support of the battles land
The human strength for army exhausts the American] and transports the writer about the General substitute Richard of chief
Pillars of the army say him in council of listening in council of the Sheikh [[maaybqyny] [mstyqDaaAA] in the night
Question and he how strength of the soldiers will appear volunteer in year 2007] and raises the writer
To one from difficult the battles which wades her the American army outside land of the battle
But she collapsing threatened in his and she the volunteering so says: [indeed the orderly army and weapon of the marines
Most first reserve force so hank in puberty of goals the volunteering in the district of Sunnis

According to statisticians of ministry propellent and the military [nqS] in the service in the middle of height of fears comes between
Officials of the army and the marines and Rogers says [shwldz] commander forces of National Guard [if did not take
This problem correctly so indeed the danger the limit will surpass] and says [shwldz] [indeed the exhaustion of solving in ten
In the hundred from individuals National Guard] expecting to leaves thirds National Guard of the service after the return from Iraq

Any her the militants so after that jog that the road found your in front of him locked and pulps in his face closed malignant intent to plan
[yrwm] from her defects the carpet pulled from under the militants truthful and the winding hereunto the blessed jihad so demonstrate
On some [aalmnhzmyn] calculated falsity and amazed us on the militants in to form Iraqi kernel the army in areas
Sunnis qualified [wmaadhlk] except to utilizing these for stop in face of the militants and the prevention between the militants and in yen worshipers of the crucifix
Hairy custodian where was these day Kent the missiles [waalHmm] the militants pours on poured and day that Kent of blood of the militants
Defense spill about this debt and defense about conceded accidents and the muslims in countries AlRafidayn any her the truthful militants
Beware beware from visciousness as faithful weaves him aids ['ablys] in the night and the day any her the militants indeed the jihad of door Allah goes in him inspired
Mine and indeed Heaven under shades of the swords to punching doors of the jinns already opening Allah and your enemy came in to opens in him punch market of the jihad
Uterus of valuable Allah son when said [indeed Allah the wars between the states evaluates [lySTfy] from you martyrs] or you said
Said rose: “[waqaaatiluwhum] until not formation of seduction and the religion forms [lillhi] so indeed [aantahawaa] so not [e'udwaaana] except on [aalDHDHaaalimiyna]”
Peace be upon him said [[fwaaldhy] myself in his hand [l'aqaatlnhm] on matters this until isolate oneself previous and to his matter execute Allah]
So your connected jihad and your continuous combat until the sorrow discovers Allah and raises [aalDym] about the nation
When intelligent taking possession the heart and strict. Nose of fever avoids you the misdeeds

This calling to the militants truthful in rational Baghdad [yaa'abTaal] inequity [waal'ae'DHmyt] and Al-Ghazalia and Al-Amiriyah and green
The Mansour and the cycle and the guardian and secure and to the lions in Alexandria and the stone [waalmsyb] [waalmHmwdyt] [waallTyfyt]
The tangerine [waalrDwaanyt] [wzwbe'] and my strange father and the cities [waalTaarmyt] and the crowns and to [aallywth] in [dyaalaa] in Baquba [waalmqdaadyt]
Pure [wbldrwz] [wjlwlaa'] [wbhrz] [wshhrbaan] and strangling and to [aal'amaajd] in Salah the debt in Tikrit and Samraa
Country and beige [waalaasHaaqy] and to lion of the hive in [nynwY] and the north in Mosul [wtle'fr] [wrbye't] [waalHwyjt] and Kirkuk
Dohuk and Arbil and Al-Sulaimaniya and to [aalnshaamY] in Al-Anbar in Ramadi and Fallujah [waalqrmt] and Al-Amiriyah [waalSqlaawyt] and Khaldiyah
Fulfilled [hyt] modern and suffer him and his narrator and upright and damp and to the vanguard blessed in Hilla and the nasiri and Karbala and Basra

To Allah already from on you chimpanzees from the jihad continuous so how much the breaths exerted from [waalmhj] in way your of religion and sleeve met from tired
The erection in your road so Allah of Allah in your debt and Allah Allah Allah in your jihad and Allah Allah in blood your of brothers and widths your of sisters
So not were formed as who spin after strength revoked her ['ankaathaa] [wlaatGrrnkm] abundance [haalk] nor [twHshnkm] fewness passable followed you
Benevolent several you the patience and the certitude and uterus of immortal Allah of day that stopping [waae'DHaaAA] his soldiers so said: [[yaa] family of the Islam
Indeed the patience became strong and indeed the failure of [e'jz] and indeed with the patience grant victory so indeed patient their [aal'ae'lwn] and indeed him to the failure
[maayHwr] revoking weak and indeed right not fails knows that Allah with him and that he about sanctuary Allah [ydhb] and about him fights
That he if his foot on Allah of sent down Akram and his thanks of striving indeed him grateful likes grateful so are patient [yaa'ixwt] the unification
So indeed her little days then formation the consequence and you between welfares punch, martyr [mrzwq] or close opening [yaa'aHfaad] Saad [waalmthnY]
Immortal and fathers [e'bydt] [yaa'aswd] the hive and horsemen of the field [dhwdwaa] about your belief and your accidents melt about [waashHdhwaa]
Your swords and way your fought in of debt calculated and amused yourselves in Khalid bruises Allah about him day that his soldiers call in in
The battle please [[yaa'ahl] the Islam of the rigor [aalshdh] carry have mercy you Allah on them] so indeed you indeed [qaatltmwhm] calculated
Want thereby face Allah so they not for that [ywaaqfwkm] hour [w'iyaakm] and the weakness and the comfort or to your certitude weakens what see him
From military halo informational and machine so indeed the intentions be loyal to and repaired the folds victory won in many land so not differ
Your right path and know that the aid fate the intention and the wage on pot of the calculation resulted on and that the muslim [laaynbGy] for him that [yktrth] in thing
Signs in him with aid Allah for him and how your certitude weakens [wtxwr] your determination and you the enemy see already ['istbaaH] the houses and end you the widths
Medal the people of the humiliation [waalhwaan] ['awmaasme'tm] cries your of sisters [tstGyth] from behind walls jails of the subjugation of the crucifixes
Ohm reached you [maaHll] in your sisters in [flwjt] [aale'z] ohm cry your heard of mother which trod her malignant dignity rejectors
Day that [jaau'waa] her husband arrest and for except did not [yjdwh] detention and she rose in her [tstGyth] and implores until qibla his of shoe
[raajytAA] from him not to hand over her to American saying for him I Iraqi and you Iraqi so for what receive me to them mouth was
From soldiers of the guard pagan except irritated assign her and her hands tied to appeared her [wHmlwhaa] and threw in her in car of the detention
The American
Baghdad cries you tear of the turning [muslmtUU]. Already poisonous her the lowness without the character solid
Girl cry [kThr] the snow of weeping. Already GAL her abstinence of rabies and wolves
[nqfwr] returned nor Haroun bridles him. .[naaraaAA] [fyjthw] and full the heart of submission
[nqfwr] returned and your Arabic hill simplified. .[lh] the heads and how get excited rats
[wyH] the growns-up from people their of gravitation. .[e'n] the way ['abaaTyl] [w'awthaan]
[waaHsrt] the heart to hand over accumulates us. .[nHwaa] dependant [wmaafy] the people of skipper
Baghdad [laate'jby] so Arabic already [mjnt]. [wllme'aaSy] at [aalhyjaa'] letting down
[wkfkfy] the tear indeed the people dissipated. .[we'dt] the war before the CIF of faith

Where knowledgeable sounds of the abusing who [laansme'] [nshaazhm] except in [mnaaw't] the militants where their for propellent about conceded widths
So their kink then did not [ydhwdwaa] virologic about the debt thought envy in the unmarriageable person
Indeed [zhdwaa] in the rentals indeed fever [aalwGY] so why not ['atwh] desire in [aalmGaanm]
Complied with you [yaa'amaah] and complied with you [yaa'axtaah]. .[lbyk] any her chaste [aalTaahrh] [fwaallh] will not congratulates will not living and be soft close one's eye be soft [jfn]
Will not sheathes sword be soft until [nth'ar] for your accident and your dignity

Allah promise [yaaklb] Roman Bush that he will not lac of decision avows and be soft congratulates boiled you in delicious living and good established as long as Vienna vein beats
Turning beats so we comers in aid coming Allah,

[fyaa'aswd] the unification on land AlRafidayn the darling resolved on you indeed connected you [ndaay'y] this that [laay'aty] on you the night
Except and your swords blood your dripped from of enemy ['ae'ydwhaa] green trunk straightened [qwmt] man one so not welfare in living
Violates in him expand us and treads in him dignity our of sisters [wyHkmaa] in him worshipers of the crucifix and invasion make from [aalthaar]
Invasion of fathers ['ans] Shami new beginning agreement for openings in permission Allah

[wyaa] battalions martyr ['inTlqwaa] on blessing Allah [laatde'waa] to convoy love walks nor partition stand in him
Referred their night of day and their garment of fire

Peak the religion of jihad in the core so to strive or [ltlfDHnaa] the life

O God fast house the book the Hungarian account of the cloud the parties defeat O God defeat them and shook them
Truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are [laaye'lmwn]
The praising [llh] many the scientists

With salutations your of brothers in the informational department in rule of the jihad in countries AlRafidayn.

New ties.
[yaa] family the Islam of the pull of the pull

Connecting first

Connecting second

Connecting third

Connecting fourth

Connecting fifth

Connecting sixth

This ties for woman which Sheikh reminded [aalzrqaawy] cut her in the tape

His emigrant