Thursday, April 21, 2005

OBL audio up and coming???

Here's the second site where this information can be found.

It is the same as the previous post, just a different site.

Sonic message close to build Laden around termination of the ceasefire with Europe


Sonic message close to build Laden around termination of the ceasefire with Europe

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Sonic message

Site announced “the Islamic forum” on the Internet, that Bin Laden sonic message will direct announces in her termination of the ceasefire which proposed her on the European states of ironing forces from Iraq pulls her.

Statement came in on site “sonic message on one of the stations waited television space”, and the sonic forum that the message confirmed [stdhaae '] in roadsign of Bin Laden or Al-Thawahiri.

To that, security experts said that “Al-Qaeda” around net of the Internet to semester for practice his of helpers in all aspects of the world after that the forces take out American observance of Bin Laden from their rules for practice in Afghanistan. Said [rytaa] [kaatz] manager of institute [saayt] in narrative in Washington “the dangerous Internet until of which Kent in the pasts. All what Afghanistan in camps of the present practice was in now on the Internet”.

Signal [kaatz] to that some the pamphlets, available on the Internet, she himself which employee in Afghanistan were, and divide her his books sword of the justice of one produced commanders “Al-Qaeda” military. Clarified that from the instructional substances which endorsed at last on the Internet, description for despotic use telephone carried in operation of explosion and she of the process which simultaneous explosions in trains used in Madrid killing resulted in 191 someone.

Ridge: Not proof

As to second, Ridge announced American Internal Security minister Tom that he not creates any proof fixs that the Pakistani of ages green who arrested on July 20 in the United States was agression promises for.

American Kent the police Wednesday announced that green who knows also smiling ages of Sheikh, northern Carolina and he arrested in tape of video for sensitive origins pick up.
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[mnqwwwwwwwwl] from signer of Sheikh Hamed the Ali