Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Showdown in Al-Anbar?

This posting seems to say that there is a coming showdown that the US is preparing for in Al-Anbar. The source is islam intellectual though, and even the jihadis don't believe everything they print.


Urgent news military queues of huge American supported in the fighters and the helicopters aspect heads Al-Anbar


Moved before little conservative queues military huge American supported in the fighters and the helicopters in direction of passable Al-Anbar of road [rqm]1 international fast and road ['abwGryb] in length more than 20[kylwmtr] almost.

[nql] [mraaslwaa] thinker of the Islam in all from ['abwGryb] and area of the gold white and the grapevine easts Fallujah that the queues of phrase about vessels of soldier and armored [w'alyaat] [hmfy] [w'alyaat] other did not correspondents manages from identified her for her universe of intervention first bitter to that conservative.

Male [mraaslwaa] thinker of the Islam that the roads the helicopters of encircling closed above that queues densely pursuit of men frightened from resistant have fun.

Comes that after American announcing the army in news conference his pondered presents correspondent of the Islam of decision of sending 3000[jndy] American from the marines to Al-Anbar to resistant suppressing on their limit of describing.

In that American number the army in Al-Anbar reachs only according to last the statisticians to more [mn]44['alf] American soldier any in what American third the army in Iraq parallels.

This and Iraqi correspondent that the resistance praised our did not graduation or hill of the queues be exposed to your to [aal'an].

Will come you in situation the occurrences developed there indeed complete Allah across coverage for forces of the occupation and his consolidations in Al-Anbar wanted.

Thinker of the Islam: http://www.islammemo.cc
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