Friday, April 29, 2005

Threats to Sweden

Strange, I'm not sure what the background story is on this, why they're mad at Sweden, but they are.


To all from wants victory messenger of Allah in Sweden
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
The prayer and Al-Salam on welfare of character Allah ['ajme'yn]
Reigned and our Imam and our example and our darling “Mohammed” and on his family and accompanied him [aalTaahryn] the welfares

The brotherhood dear. To assailing already on us [aalkfrt] [wtdaae'waa] on killed, yet and generous messenger dare on our. Why?
Because of twish them [aaldhY] our hearts hit, and for that them did not return [yrhbwnaa] and blessing fear. So this what reported in him messenger Allah peace be upon him
Allah glory his and rose orders us in the preparing in what strength can from and from weapons and from applicators. Why?
To jogs terrorize Allah
When fear them and frighten them and the reasons take in. Glory will find Allah his and rose [fY] their hearts of the horror

Delayed assailing of one fulfilled state Sweden [aalkfrt] on our generous messenger, [fY] security shade protection of tightening, and big coverage informatory and supporting political and popular big also
If bitter this situation this way without account or punishment so year will form follows her [ru's] the hamlet [fY] this cruciferous states

Was to show situation be soft from, and reply in amount our of capability, and in what saved him Allah glory his and rose be soft from applicators
Suspensive family [nqf] of the onlookers, [wlaaTmY] the cheeks, [wDaarbY] blind, without your calm investigation
For that we will hold accountable hereunto the shortening [fY] truth represent us and our director from the darknesses to the light, [waaldhY] will help be soft great Judgment Day
So how our situation is from [aalthjm] on him he situation coward weak weak

Not and Allah
Will fear them and the horror will enter [fY] their hearts to know and worn what made
Indeed Allah wanted militants will be for stands with them

To are. We what do?

Will attack them [fY] their forums and their signers and feel them that them threatening [fY] all instant, and in to the militants around them [fY] all place, and make them turn around them from the horror [fY] wait of revenge conceded for their prophet

Now ['axY] the darling. What your role?

Before be decided will what do. Is learning [maa] cursing governed from [aalnbY] peace be upon him?

The worlds accumulate on that from cursing the prophet of peace be upon him from the muslims so he disbeliever deserted be necessary killed him.
This unanimity weave him other than one from family of the flag as the Imam Isaac Bin [raahwyh] and refuse warning and deadly [e'yaaD] and the speeches and change them. Strict [aalmslwl] 2/13-16.
Flirtation already hereunto the governing of the book and Sunnis:
As for the book; So statement Allah rose: (warns [aalmunaaafiquwna] to descends on them violence informs them including [quluwbihim] decreased [aastahziy'uwaa] indeed Allah director what warn (64) [walay'in] will devour to say grow are wade and play decreased ['aabiaalllahi] and his paradigms and his messenger were [tastahziy'uwna] (65) not apologize already [kafartum] after your faith) the repentance/66.
So this paradigm of text in that the mockery in Allah and in his paradigms and in his messenger disbelieved, so the first cursing penguin, and the paradigm indicated also on that from peace be upon him losing of hamlet decreases messenger Allah, serious or [haazlaaAA].
As for Sunnis; So David narrated Abu (4362) about on Allah accepted about him that [yahuwdiyyatAA] as you the prophet of peace be upon him curses and signs in him, so suffocating her man until [maaatat], so peace be upon him her annulled messenger Allah of blood.
Sheikh of the Islam said in strict [aalmslwl] (2/126): This good narrative, and for him [shaahd] from grim narrative son will and come ['ah]
This narrative of text in legality killed her to swearing the prophet of peace be upon him postponed.
Narrated Abu David (4361) about son grim that [rajulaaAA] blind as you for his mother child curses the prophet peace be upon him, and falls in him, [fayanhaaahaaa] so not end, [wayazjuruhaaa] so not [tanzajiru], so for what as you self night [jae'alat] signs in the prophet peace be upon him and curses him, so taking the moguls [sword short] so say good-bye to him in belly her [waaattaka'aa] on her so killing her. So for what male became that for messenger Allah peace be upon him so the people gathered so said: Allah sang [rajulAAaa] verb [maa] did for me on him kat be true except. So rose blind so said: [yaaa] messenger Allah, I accompany her, as you curse you and falls in you [fa'aanhaaahaaa] so not end, [wa'aazjuruhaaa] so not [tanzajiru], custodian from her sons like [aallluu'luu'atayni], and as you in me [rafiyqatAA], so for what was [aalbaaariHata] [jae'alat] curse you and signs in you, [fa'aaxadhtu] the moguls so say good-bye to him in belly her [waaattaka'atu] on her until [qataltuhaaa]. So the prophet of peace be upon him said: (not to witness that her blood roared). Corrected him the Albanian in correct fathers David (3655).
Apparent from this woman that she disbelieving Kent and did not muslim harbors, so indeed the muslim not be possible that progress hereunto the gruesome order. For that she if Muslim Kent to was deserted thereby, and at that moment not her gentleman be possible for to catches her and ties me in stripped of prohibiting her about that.
Narrated feminine (4071) about staple refused in [aal'aaslamiyyi] kat: Thick man to attacking of the friend refused in, so fewness: Kill him? [faaantaharaniy], and said: Not this to peace be upon him restrict after messenger Allah. Correct feminine (3795).
So flag from this that the prophet of peace be upon him was for him to cursing kills from his and from thick for him, and he in his generality the muslim and the disbeliever includes.

Enables you [aal'istzaadt] through this connecting