Friday, April 22, 2005

Video from the attempt on Allawi's life

Found these in a long thread today. Pretty grainy and difficult to see video. Tough to say if it really shows the attempt on Allawi's life, but that's what they're claiming. I've put the entire thread below, just for reference sake. The links to the video are towards the bottom. Individual posts are seperated by _______

Urgent on Al-Jazeera rescue of the rabies [e ' laawY] from his trier of assassination in motor his explosives-laden his


Wednesday saved finished prime minister Iraqi his of state Iyad Allawi from attempt of assassination of evening when suicides in his attacked car explosives-laden his convoy near his house in district of the Mansour in Baghdad, of which Iraqi killing policemen and third wounding performed to.
Finished the spokesman of the government her state of rebel of the chief indeed Allawi said was important meetings about new form the government attends then direction to his house the being near headquarter of national party the agreement who leads him when suicidal waging the exploder his of attack.
((that Allah dictates for oppressive until if [aaxdht] did not releases him))
Bad day hit from directed you

To insulted the rabies when top in traitorous likenning Allawi in the faithful rabies

The faithful dog nor betrays while invited Allawi betrayed my son straightened him foreign gratification for colonist [e ' lj] disbeliever [TaaGwt]

Allawi de not for his from the honor [waalmru ' t] atom [wybdwaa] that he operation did surgical uproot in her his conscience - this that was stubborn his conscience originally -

The apology for rabies demand in

Not receiving [aaljrh] in all pass him that Allah wanted in [aalmrh] [aalqaadmh] will evaporate nor finds for him on after and roadsigns to the brother join [aalTrmaaH] in the apology for rabies

Battle [aalHwaasm]… [mnaazlt] started and blame [tnth] after/wonderful and important [jdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]


Old [aae ' tdhaarY] punching and for readers Allah the dog honors and raises him about touch [aale ' aawY]


Organization Al-Qaeda load quickly deserted attempt assassination Allawi in [bGdaad] _______________________________________________

Ties of the movies hurried before the veils

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh]

[e ' laawY] [fY] live his more ten device dealt with [mxaabraatY]! Means, be necessary to executes on [aalEEql] ten times!

In permission Allah glory his and rose rose, will not Allah releases from punishment, many losing killing and the plenty a lot of ['ahaalY] Fallujah, and tan tan, and connective Mosul under his hands and blessed his blessed his, and to that blessed Kent of formalism, hit her [fY] balance [syaay ' th].

Until that he spread [fY] [aal] London Times, that he when chief for ministers was, gold to center for policemen, and as to was there four Iraqi withheld “in indictment” occupied resistance. So request [e ' laawY], statesman the and the politics of the politics, pistol.

So simply tough, the fire released on these [aalEErbe ' t] ** suspected in worry **, and treacherous center of the policemen left, and terminating terminating of the case [fY] counted bullets on from not tail to love.

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