Friday, May 27, 2005

20 US soldiers, injured or killed?

Obviously, not confirmed, this is just a claim from a web poster. On the other hand, sometimes they're correct in their reporting.


[llh] [aakbrhjwm] on gathering of for the American force demise and injury of twenty soldier results in in modern
The summary/

Thinker of the Islam [special]:
Fell more than twenty American soldiers what between casualty and victim in attack before elements the Iraqi resistance on gathering for forces of the occupation in preliminary the occupational industry in modern.

[nql] of correspondent “thinker of the Islam” about source in the resistance that:

Forces of the occupation after gift to in the middle of the northern city from the aspect and took from preliminary headquarter have fun targetting rose in her [b] 16 missile of mortar, so drop us from them many from the casualties and the victims.

Male our of correspondent source in strength transported about [maa] suppressing met in “the terrorism” that more than twenty soldier of killing and the attack hit at that.

This, and helicopters from class descended [shynwk] in arena of the teacher rear to carrying of the bodies.

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