Tuesday, May 24, 2005

3 reasons behind the Zarqawi injured claim

These are the 3 reasons for the Zarqawi being injured claim according to the jihadis


News of injury rose [aalzrqaawy] for him several readings:

First: That he profound verb and wounding and the news hit his which spread her paper [aalSn] British Time before ten days from that [aalzrqaawy] the cure in one of hospitals Ramadi and taking of medical prescription received with him not [stmraar] the cure, she news correct

The militants saw that marquee gather insured for praying for him, and preparing for what results about him [aal ' iSaabh] from martyrdom his, and advertisement for remainder of the following factions for seated the jihad in countries AlRafidayn across methods of the information that order any instant on the leadership occurs in.

The second: That injury not adult and saw seated the jihad to returns the leadership to front the information for attraction the sights and turn the attention and this from their interests her spreads wide outside Iraq mouth worn your In countries AlRafidayn himself.

Third: Fabricated Al-Khobar [wlaa ' asaas] for him from the health and the purpose from [aal ' irjaaf] investigation of triumphs for American [wHlfaay ' hm] illusive for confusion the row of the militant and the supporter in all place.