Friday, May 27, 2005

Al-Queda and Zarqawi

This post is long and a tough read but has some good insight into their thinking. It goes over the good and bad things of the mess this week in regards to the Al-Zarqawi news.


Slowness any her [aalmtxrSwn]. Indeed her rule of the jihad and sufficed. (buzzard of the jihad)

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Slowness any her [aalmtxrSwn]. Indeed her rule of the jihad and sufficed.

[maade'aanY] for writing he abundance the analyzes [aaltY] spread and the statements [aaltY] released. After spreading of the department [aal'ie'laamY] for organization seated the jihad in cities AlRafidayn for news of injury our of grain and crown the prince Sheikh of the militant headed refused Musab Al-Zarqawi.

Differed this analyzes and the statements and the commentaries. Between beauty mark [mtshmt] on Sheikh and the militants. [wmrjf] sinking sun Al-Qaeda after injury her informs close to of commander [wHaadY] rode her. Third [qaa'] [maafY] his declared interior of American termination lie brand her Al-Zarqawi Kent from reasons invasion of weak Iraq. [hdhaaklh] was [fY] side.

On the last side unified Hezbollah was.
The militants their of blessing and the supporters.
So Al-Khobar in the patience received.
Tongue their of solver and their article say him rose {who if ['aaSaaabathum] misfortune [qaaaluwaa] ['iinnaaa] [lillhi] [wa'iinnaaa] to him [raaajie'wna]} [aalbqrt]156.
So Allah on all solver praised and retrieved [wHwqlwaa]. Were patient. Yet announcing their of stop with Sheikh of the militants hurried to and their order followed [fY] his ordeal and his injury.
[wllh] the doctor revolve [aal'islaamY] where take right and the misfortune [aaltY] blackness turning all monotheist for invitation of the brothers of the militants [fY] [baaqY] the disbelieving groups of the militant to announcing of the condensation and the stop with angina [wnHaar] deserted…
[wmmrG] nose American Sheikh refused Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah rose. Hereby news injury our Sheikh of income for Saleh of the invitation and the jihad is not you explore him [aalmxdhlwn] [aalmrjfwn]. Attenuant for resolve and harmful our [b'infraaT] the knots.

To are [lY] direction [nDHrY] special [aaltY] show her [fY] the subject and on according to [e'lmY] [waaTlaae'Y]. On despotic [aaltY] thinking in her rule of the jihad and deals in her with the occurrences. Put her between support you [le'lhaa] dismounts something from [Tlaasm] the occurrence [aaldhY] perceived for him hearts unified and sound befriends the instinct [wsaalt] for him tears of the lovers. The her yearners for return of the nation to Izzat.

Question mind occurs for with dropping Al-Khobar: Is Al-Qaeda in spreading mistook her consequently Al-Khobar??

[aalmtbaadr] for mind that the divisions [aal'ie'laamY] error mistook gross.
In spreading his for news injury their of prince and their commander.
Yet gold of the brothers to loading of the brothers in the department [aal'ie'laamY] for accountability about the their chaos the event of result for spreading Al-Khobar.
[wlaayxfY] volume of the corruptions resulting hereunto Al-Khobar whether on the level [aalmydaanY] and his effect on spirits of the militants.
Or on the side [aal'ie'laamY] and he strike inquired for good occupied the American forces.
Her effect on spirits of the Islamic people [aaltY] eagerness look forward in [wlhft] to the brothers christianize [fY] Iraq. To refute this allegation and Najib on the question acquaintance be necessary [aalEEtY]: -

Firstly: -

Upright on the vow [aal'ie'laamY] for seated the jihad possess all qualified [aaltY] manage them from administration of battle in volume of the occurrence (and he news injury of Sheikh refused Musab Al-Zarqawi).
Nor indicate thereon from resistance their in spite of the siege and in spite of the war operations [aaltY] confronts her the cruciferous brothers from several fronts so blessing of front to front of the guard [aalwthnY] and the rejectors and the policemen of the agent.
To front of the line fifth of [aalmndsyn] and the agents. Jumps of the brothers [fY] the divisions [aal'ie'laamY].
Comprehending for nature of the battle informs about [wmaatHtaajh] from necessary [wGstraatyjyaat] and tactics.
For that the high goodness see [aaltY] be distinguished in her their audible issuances and legible.
The evolution [aal'ie'laamY] astounding [aaldhY] walk of the operations accompanies field [btwaalY] the statements and cutters of the operations [aaltY] information of the crucifix exposes yet and until the canals of the agent [aaltY] accepted [bxaaynt] the creed and the nation [fY] opposite accepted alpine black [aal'amrykY] and suggest doubt him.

Secondly: -

This from the importance in place. All us blessed operation Al-Mahya mentions and what resulted in him from astounding results.
To seated plateau that information of the jihad are and on headed him Sheikh Issa [aale'wshn] have mercy him Allah rose.
Decided that [yHnwaa] headed them for stormy informational [aaltY] the occurrence accompanied. [wmaaSHbhaa] from crippled legal opinions and crippled stressing of the sultan came out under.
Shade of blackout fulfilled ['ie'laamY] deliberate to liable wiping out truth in practical.
Until if ['ijtme't] all the comparable with and the reply on her and elements attraction the attention and seizing of the lights spreading of tape of full moon Riyadh.
[aaldhY] shook brown family [slwl] [aal'ie'laamY] and shaking their of credibility. Not family of Al-Jazeera so according to say at yet all muslim cases of the nation continues and feel pain have fun.
Hereby last debt reason that the department congregates for [aal'ie'laamY] maybe strike arranges for directs her for information [aal'amrykY] [waalSlybY].
I here not uncovering umbilical cord for surnames of closeness of sight ['ixwaanY] unified to important point omit her at shock of the occurrence.
[whY] despotic investment of the occurrence for good our with that he [fY] apparent his against us or coffee damages (or [maaySTlH] on him in politics convoys of the wave) return followed for this point.

Thirdly: -

Daughter-in-law American filth the game indicated for [waaltY] rubbing [fY] vestibules of Central Intelligence Agency, the war mental your reminded [fY] previous saying and his politics [fY] her exhaustion anger of the people and pulling [llrkD] behind occurrences makes her pants and depletes endured her for pure her about field of the battle [aalHqyqY].
Until [laayDHhr] [e'waar] [aaljndY] [aal'amrykY] [aalmnhzm] mental.
Weak and worn out [aaldhY] waits hit him last and he sways to falls.
Nor indicate thereon from operation ([aalmaatdwr]) [aaltY] her direction for city dear Al Qaim of Allah in his victory.
[waaltY] was it is assumed that falls in her the militants under pressure of American strikes agitated.
To are [aaldhY] occurrence counter to all visions of the commanders military American and visions and their detach their accounts.
So they the bull and the their became militants from the strikes directs.
In praising Allah rubbish of the bull rose [aal'amrykY].
To mental department the war of seizing of the visions are [fY] the instant last to falling of the bull.
In her dismissal to scandal of dirtying Holy Quran..[thm] after her to photos Saddam [aale'aarY] [fY] his prisoner [waaltY] represented for many strike of directed for dignity (Arabic) [fY] one of her of symbols.
Al-Qaeda in spreading her for news injury her of commander the carpet from the information pulled [aal'amrykY] yet made him [fY] confusion Al-Khobar waits her justification of Al-Qaeda for spreading.
Until that the surprise reins of commanders of the army [aal'amrykY] who were [ytbaarwn] [fY] releasing their of statements in happy and helpful injury and killing for Sheikh [aalzrqaawY] kept him Allah rose.
Until if came [maayfrHhm] and he injury their enemy enemy hit them left-handed the comprehending and palace of the sight to end Al-Qaeda came from organization himself.
[fY] informational strike distinguished [fY] suitable time.

Did not calculates American account have fun not from where the timing nor from where the occurrence and the side [aaltY] released him. [w'ae'jbnY] part from saying his sharp books of the brothers said in him: -

Organization Al-Qaeda today collective leakage to the feeling for nation [lywjjhhaa] towards important… injury gentleman of youths of the militants in first Iraq of the tyrannical interest suits disobeyed [jlaaaadyh] after obey them to tall pledge.

Fourthly: -

['istTaae'] the divisions [aal'ie'laamY] in this blow successful accumulation of hearts Muslim around commanders of the jihad nor indicate thereon from to get excited the million from Muslim in the praying for Sheikh refused Musab Al-Zarqawi in urgent the cure and his keeping for jihad cruciferous.
Breath the time of dismissal of the attention about Saddam could in and portrayed him bare.
To situation commander the militants and making of the people waits and awaits ['aY] news with regard to solver of Sheikh healthy and this victory ['ie'laamY] new.
Al-Qaeda then overwhelming in her reputation and reputation her of commander and prevented him healthy.
Grow self method of America when suit followed heard her for the sake of dismissal of the vision about battle Al Qaim.
This measuring with the disparity.
For that men Al-Qaeda know that this adventurer habituation wills on them in the plentiful gain and that their case the case will remain first important the occupier tried [aalSlybY] dismissal of the visions about her and wiping out her of truth.

Fifth: -

His organization gained of Al-Qaeda in spreading consequently big Al-Khobar credibility [fY] selves of the people until the your enemies arrived [fY] some the analyzes and the statements.
For that them hereby announce that them not Allah worship except rose.
That injury their of commander and their Sheikh or until martyrdom his will not double them about continuation their of road yet stimulates them on the propelling of foot. Towards the goal [aaldhY] ['ixtTh] to love and swallow you his blood to his investigation postpone.

Sixth: -

All [maasbq] confirms truth her be soft of moral that for seated the cup [aalme'lY] [fY] administration her of war against the crucifix and his family and blessing and important.
Confirms other truth be soft [hY] height of heel upright on the divisions [aal'ie'laamY] for organization Al-Qaeda [fY] the comprehending and estimate the orders and account of the profit and the loss [fY] the situations and the news [aaltY] spread her.
That them qualified for important [aaltY] entrusted to them. That them will obstruct this mouth and will not fall behind about him or [ytxaadhlwaa] [maadaamt] in them extremism assigned.

After this ['ixwaanY] generous indeed liquid will punch why Al-Khobar spread. What want from behind him so answered them [bshy'] of which antecedence perhaps in him rich. Indeed came you [mrHf] [mxdhl] or [mtxrS] [raajm] in the absence. .[fqwlwaa] for him slowness indeed her rule of the jihad and sufficed.

With this Al-Qaeda wait statement so in him the statement of the chapter

O God learning of I our Sheikh like refuse Musab and make [nHwrnaa] without [nHrh]. [wlaayhn'a] worn our and lived us and wail teach that thorn hit him.
Hit her your tax of the road reported [wwSaanaa].
So O God you for him and lightened about him.
Abaca O God [fY] build him [maaysw'] in him faces [aalTwaaGyt] and the crucifixes.
O God keep him in conserving your.
Write for him the wage and Ridwane make his reward your [yaarb] the worlds. Acceptance O God from our brothers who [sbqwnaa] to the jinns of eagerness follow you and lover for your bruises.
O God their patient heal [wdaawY] their victim and acceptance their of martyr.
Seats threw them and the right path their gather on of hearts and their row unified and accumulate spoke them.
Lower O God your knife on them. [waalxzY] and the horror on their jogs.
O God christianize them in your victory and extended them in periods from your hardheads and soldier from your soldier.
O God their vanguard of the nation..[wr'as] her bayonet and her armor of the guns about her.
O God indeed perishes this gang so will not worships [fY] the land. So O God you for they nor harbors on them.

Last put us that praise be to God of many the worlds

* hope tape of wills reviewed [llmjaahydn] veins on [aalmxdhlyn] to the angina aged so in him amusement of punching.

Buzzard of the jihad [aal'ifryqY]