Friday, May 27, 2005

Al-Zarqawi is ok and runs the jihad once again

Or at least that's what the jihadis are now claiming. At this point, I'm so confused!! LOL


Big Allah. .[byaan] from organization of good Al-Qaeda our Sheikh in health and the work of the jihads runs himself (Friday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Said rose {want to blossom of Allah in their mouths and Allah extinguish [mtm] his light and for his disbelieving nest}

The substitute argument in methods the flags around naming for Sheikh increased fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi (kept him Allah) and teaches the all that what broadcasts him informational enemies Allah in their methods [maahw] [aalaalGrD] passage of planners malignant

That we say and in Allah the reconciliation that organization Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn in blessing and favor from Allah rose connected your you described the prophet (peace be upon him) situation insured in [twaadhm] and mercifulness their, ask Allah that are from them, and to Sheikh our in health good and he runs the work the jihads himself and continues details the work to border hour numbers this alpine and to for Sheikh during general elapsed leadership by virtue of Allah [e'zwjl] tenacious and for him deputy and consulted and to the follower for statements our teaches that

So devices of the flags say for not inviter for confusion returned backwards and the statements read [w'asme'waa] the registration of the roadsigns for substitute Sheikh (Abu Iraqi Abd Al-Rahman) and inform that our jihad past until formation of word of high Allah she and the religion is [kaah] [llh], not from reason of the chair and the leaderships, that we [nbGy] bruise suggest doubt and to our jihad of past as for the victory and mothers of testimony and eat them [nbtGy] said rose {decreased is [trbSwn] coffee not to ['aHdY] [aalHsnyyn]}

Allah prayed on Mohammed reigned and on god and accompanied him and peace
The informational department in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)