Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another questioning poster re: Zarqawi being injured


Big Allah of Sheikh [aalzrqaawy] all-right and as to [maaqyl] about him accuse of lying lying of lying

Al-Salam on you and mercy Allah and Barakat his be soft reputation Al-Khobar from one of rooms [aalbaartwk] and which was speaks in her aged from Sheikh the jihad and lead connected in cities AlRafidayn [lytaakd] and Allah big Sheikh [aalzrqaawy] all-right and as to [maaqyl] about him lying your you were release the rumors about Sheikh Bin Laden that he killed more than once so Alan alternative the role on Sheikh [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah to beating determinations black [aalzrqaawy].

[bSHh] good his and praise be to God [llh]… so not tell the truth what spreads him methods the knowledges and the newspapers and what youth his [dhaalk] ...... the commander the hero fathers [mSe ' b] moves marine his in land AlRafidayn and praise be to God [llh] and Allah big Allah big [wllh] [aale ' zh] and for messenger his and for militants