Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Car bomb kills 9 American soldiers and hit 5 other near Al Qaim

The source for this story is The Islam Thinker, which is known to spread propoganda for the terrorists. Heck, even the terrorists don't believe or refute their stories at times. So take this with a large grain of salt.


Car bomb kills 9 American soldiers and hit 5 other near Al Qaim

Thinker of the Islam [special]: Car bomb in point of search exploded built her the American forces on the road who west of Baghdad in area ties city Al Qaim [aale'bydy] today Tuesday the order who American killing nine soldiers and wound more than five other resulted in.

[nql] our correspondent in city of generous Al Qaim about the inherent [aalme'wry] from following guard the borders for army Iraqi specific before the occupation that car bomb leads her commando checkpoint the exploded in new which built her the American forces after battle of Al Qaim in day one, and lead explosion about killing of nine American soldiers and wound of five other resulted her.

The source added that he evacuating of the casualties and the American victims by means of helicopters from kind was complete ['abaatshy].
While male of correspondent pondered the Islam that forces of the occupation one of the photographers arrested journalistic, and was tried extended picking up of photos for American bodies the soldiers on the land between casualty and victim
The special camera broke in him. Newspaper reporter until the photographer indicated our agency works for ['iswshytyd] Press