Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Complete text of the will of a martyr - with message to US soldiers

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The complete text for will of the martyr/

Resolute Kashmirian

“['abwe ' mr] wandering”

Praise be to God and the prayer and Al-Salam on honorable the prophets and the senders represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme ' yn] as for after:

Her we live this days after the cruciferous war on Afghanistan ended, then today on Iraq and eyes of the spite saw in our cruciferous on nation Mohammed prayed 1609; Allah on him and peace, from killing for Sheikh and for women and the children, and destruction for hospitality and the cities, said rose: “and will not please about you the Jew nor [aalnSaarY] until pursuit financed them”

[yaa] youths of the Islam:

To the Arabic crusaders in their rules in island spread, which our order of messenger Allah their peace be upon him in taking out from her in say him: “the Arabic socializations from islet take out” and his statement: “not islet congregates in Arabic religions”

General faces of messages to the Islamic nation and they say for:

Great Allah swore in will not the Jew comes out [waalnSaarY] from islet Arabic, except in the your jihad come out them the ancestors, so not [tHtqrwaa] yourselves, nor your powers lessen from, and the weapon load, and the Jew kill [waalnSaarY] where [wjdtmwhm].

So you grandsons Companions of the Prophet Mohammed; Grandsons of fathers first the friend, and age Bin the speech, and Othman Bin pardon, and on Bin fathers demanded, and immortal Bin the newborn, and Osama Bin increased, and Amr Bin disobedient bruises Allah about them ['ajme ' yn].

Who noses of the Jew broke [waalnSaarY], and their feet paved in horseman possessed and Roman, and the historiography in the championships line; From the east in China become remote, to the west in Andalusia become remote, said rose: “[yaa] any her who believed indeed Allah christianize christianizes you and your feet fixs”

So to blessing your harbors their of casualties you casualties in Palestine and Afghanistan and Iraq and the skewers and Kashmir and Phillipines and Bosnia be soft, an eye for an eye and the age in the age, said [te ' aal] 9; : “so from attacked on you so attacked on him in replicates what attacked on you”

Call you to what in him benevolent punch, in the life and the afterlife: The jihad in way Allah, said rose: “[aanfrwaa] pumice and heavy and your moneys strive in and valuable your in way Allah that welfare punch indeed were teach”

[w ' abshrwaa] in promise of Allah for militants where said: “indeed Allah the insurers bought from themselves and their moneys that for they Heaven [yqaatlw] [n] in way Allah so kill and promise kill on him truly in the Torah and the evangel and blessing carried out after him from Allah [faastbshrwaa] in your sale who [baaye ' tm] in him and lowness your he the winning great”

[fyaa] youths of the Islam:

The jihad started to, paradise started to expanded her [aalsmwaat] and the land; In her what not eye saw, nor ear heard, nor dangerous on turning grated.!!

Nor the prizes forget which martyr returned for at Allah losing peace be upon him said messenger Allah: “indeed for martyr at Allah seven tufts: Forgives for him from first payment from blood , and seat from Heaven sees his, and ornament of the faith beautifies, [wyjaar] from sufferance of the grave and the fear guarantees from big and say good-bye to on headed him crown [aalwqaar] the corundum from him benevolent from the life and what in her, and marries in two and sevenths of wife from the poplar of the eye, and seven human helps in from approach him”

Warn that Allah present the life on love Allah and the messenger of peace be upon him and the jihad in way, said rose: “decreased indeed was [EEbaau ' km] [w ' abnaau ' km] and your brothers and your husbands and your clan and moneys [aaqtrftmwhaa] and commerce fear as obstructive her and touch you please her loved to you from Allah and his messenger and jihad in his way so lurk until Allah in his order and Allah comes; Not the people guides dissolute”

[w ' abshrwaa] in to youths of the Islam Allah swore in, that present themselves cheap in way Allah on that the Jew take out [waalnSaarY] from island Arabic, and on that nation return for become strong her and diligent her and to [yshfwaa] your their chest in killing you Allah said rose: “lethal their tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them [wyshf] chest of people insured”

As for our brothers of the prisoners of war in oppressive prisoners in all place so guide them this work and they say for:

[“abshrwaa] so indeed close victory Allah, and his promise great patience blamed, so our martyr operations military will not Allah cut off in permission, [l ' ie ' laa”] word Allah, and dear Allah he the strength, and his blessing the pubic regions and the payment takes.

As for men of the topics so they say for:

Curse Allah on you ['ajme ' yn], losing frightened [nsaay ' naa] and our children, [w ' abkytm] our mothers, and private parts and our accidents and our tore our houses, [wEEdhytm] custodians of Allah and the militants, and the worlds [waalde ' aat], so Allah ask to curses you above the land and the land and day of the accident were easy.

As for messages to the fathers and the family and the children so she:

Say him rose: “nor inquired who emus killed in way Allah yet districts at their god bestow”

Message to the soldiers American:

In the English language of the translation:

Know that your government [mme ' nt] in the criminality: The innocents kills, and the houses be destroyed, and the moneys steals, and sons in the jails put our.

This promise of blessing: That you will not living safely, and will not blessing to the explosion sees, and the burn, and destruction of the houses, and cutting of the heads.

Indeed our militants for comers to you, and wills see you close, except [trwh] before.

O God indeed me ask you in all name of he hit, poisonous in him yourself, or taught him someone from your character, or seized in him in flag of the absence stubborn your, to brothers of the militants in all place grant victory our, and to banner of the jihad in land of Arabian peninsula raises, and that graduation of the Jew [waalnSaarY] ['adhlaa'] [SaaGryn] from islet Arabic, and the mosque returns far to the Islam and conceded.

This and the praising [llh] and the prayer and the peace on honorable the prophets and sent.

Make brotherly you

Resolute son the brigade of the retiree in the topics general happy Mohammed of Kashmirian Abdullah

“['abwe'mr] wandering”