Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Economic problems in Saudi Arabia today?

I'm not sure, but this post sounds like there was a run on the banks and/or a stock market crash/big dip today in Saudi Arabia. Thread replies are seperated by ________


The million Saudi Arabia leaves today 00 thing [mryb] very
The million Saudi Arabia leaves today 00 thing [mryb] very

Million and enables one billion [aalywrwhaat] Saudi Arabia left today urgently and fast very and several banks of currency in far endured her in the conversions today 00 and ask influential big in faithful founder the cash of some the banks big indeed were know some them!!

You huge amounts monetary emptied very in liquid form ([kaash]) from some the banks and in shackles confuse her [w'iDTr] some her for pure breakdown to when arrangement of the notifiers!!

[maahdhaa] who updates??

The Euro today from ['itfaae'] to height!!

Wanted [mryb] very and vague very the country updates in!!


[yaa'ixwaan] [maa] restrict stubborn his justification blame updates??

This [me'naah] that thousand the arrows which was complete sold her today and collapsing market of the arrows afflicted to 00 conversion was complete evaluated her outside!!

This means that the arrows wills witnesses extra from the deterioration and the collapsing 00 so will not reinstating of the purchase is complete your the custom so the moneys of evasion for leaving occurred!!

This means that [aalhwaamyr] big object of slippers know in not knows him the people 00 otherwise [maaldaafe'] to trick all this moneys for outside in shackles sharp and sudden!!


Brothers of the government there notification says that Fahad already [fTs] and for lowness your so the arrows Saudi Arabia descent to the bottom this and Allah teach


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Befriends of befriends this converted moneys for leaving their also insult penetrative

So indeed them confirming information occurred on the palace pertains, in notarized form and not not mere widespread your you she stubborn our we, and [le'lhaa] widespread death Fahad or level off her

There there awe from disturbances security economic losses become organized so was complete the conversion

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([yaa] news today in first fils [bblaash])

My salutations