Friday, May 27, 2005

Helicopter down in Iraq

I'm sure this is in the english news as well.


American Allah big of shooting the on helicopter in Iraq and falling her
Baghdad (Reuters) - the American army in statement American Friday that helicopter of tumble in Iraq after shooting the said on her and that destiny her of crew still other than well known.

The army that helicopters said ['auSybtaa] in light fires weapons near Baquba from a distance 60 kilometer of north of Baghdad of evening Thursday. Descended ['iHdaahmaa] in peace in rule American.

Said alpine that “the other airplane of tumble nor [yue'rf] destiny her of crew in this time.”

Added alpine “response forces of the alliance and stature in signed insurance.”

Said that he investigation occurs concerning the incident.

Military official in the Pentagon in Washington that the helicopter from class said or [aatsh]-58 [kywaa] OH-58 Kiowa. Did not de harbors for his news about any injuries.

The source: Agency of Reuters

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