Thursday, May 26, 2005

Interesting new to me site


Didn't find anything I haven't seen elsewhere, but it's a good site to keep an eye on I think.

Here's what the front page has to say.
(below the main image)

In poison Allah and he of according to and blessings of the representative

Praise be to God goats the Islam in his victory and degrader of the polytheism in his subjugation and bank of the orders in his order
[wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness, who the days of states in his afforded justice, and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress,
The prayer and Al-Salam on from superior Allah landmark of the Islam in his sword, as for after
To the muslims truthful in land Allah wide to the brothers truthful patient who ask Allah glory his and haughtiness to follows them in brothers their the militants in arenas the jihad put this site between support you and he phrase about mosque for subjects and the articles and the magazines the magazines from the signers and the forums with male names befriends the sayings or the transporters which pertains the jihad and the militants and phylogenesis Allah glory his and rose that is this work pure for face his the highborn and part Allah all from was forearm in spreading this signer
O God taught what benefits us, and self-seeking our in what taught us O God ['arnaa] truth followed and bestow us his observance, hide us invalid invalid and bestow us his avoidance
Honor us O God in the jihad, and convoy of the martyrs followed in and your obedience used in [wmrDaatk]
O God bestow all from read this lines of testimony in your way
Urgent not delayed urgent not delayed
Last put us that praise be to God of many the worlds and Allah and peace prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]
Al-Salam on you and his mercy mercy of Allah and Barakat Barakat his
Your brothers in Allah
Site of the jihad in way Allah

Here's what the bottom part of the front page says
(the part with a picture of OBL and Zawahiri)

Organization Al-Qaeda

Not to like this name?
Not to tightens you any address or article or newspaper of writers on her those words?
Not teach about you and to are to are whenever saw this watercresses [“aHsyt] in ecstasy strange!

[“aflaa] remember with “[aaltaa”]” explosion Nairobi and house of house Al-Salam!

Mother not to remember with “[aalnwn]” marines of Kohl in Aden surpass!

Firstly remember with “[aalDHaa”]” appearance followed and [zhwq] invalid!

Remember remember all with “[aalyaa ']” [yrmwkaaa] and [mu ' th]!

With with “[aalmym]” Manhattan burns and Washington Washington [tnSe ' q]!

With with “the thousand” Osama… In forehead [aale ' z] beauty mark!

With with “[aallaam]” not for injustice not for subjugation not for hamlet general!

With with “[aalqaaf]” convoy followed and wandering wandering Mansoura!

With with “the thousand” Ayman Al-Zawahiri and fathers refused Musab Al-Zarqawi

With with “the eye” justice and security of security!

With with “indicative” the hamlet destroyed and qualified him his family and prepared Islam returned for became strong him!

With with “[aaltaa ']” [tkbyraa] and praised praised!

What turning knit for and what what dear your and what what ['aqwaak] [yaa]

organization Al-Qaeda [nql] her sharp the brothers in forum Al Qala ' a