Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Iraqi Mujahideen Claim To Have Killed CIA Shadow Director in Iraq

Funny, this is written in pretty good english and their message is a challege to the White House to revel this guys true identity (so they say) and they also claim a new scandal is coming. See the site for the video.


also their previous statement on this...

Below is the statement from today:

Rafidan – The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command Baghdad.

Communiqué No. 1

Exclusive: Iraqi Mujahideen Claim To Have Killed CIA Shadow Director in Iraq

From the Political Committee – Rafidan

(The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command)

On the 14th of Safar 1426H, the 24th of March 2005M

In the Name of God Most Merciful Most Graceful

Congratulations to our Great Army

We congratulate you to the Demise of Dale C. Stoffel a CIA Shadow Manager in Iraq, and a close friend of George Bush. He is more important than Bremer and his lot of Generals. He was killed on the 8th of December 2004 after close monitoring of our moles on the hands of the Islamic Jihad Brigades. This was at the hour of 1630

He is the engineer of darkness to the destruction of Iraqis Army assets forever. We have in our hands thousands of documents which have been assessed over the past few months.

We will present these documents translated and will declare them internationally.

We reserve the right as Iraqis to bring to justice all the war criminals & the traitors like Chalabi, Allawi, Shalan, Bader, & the Peshmirga Militia.

Rafidan with the arms of it ' s military factions will not fall short of bringing justice to those. For each Iraqi killed, we will kill ten of the invaders and the traitors.

This Criminal was eradicated, there was to be a film directed by Hollywood for this criminal ' s adventures by orders from Bush.

We will release in the coming days documented evidence to a new scandal. God has given us this graceful land of all prophets, & our victory will come eventually, & our army will return to be the protector on the people with god ' s will.

We hold the prophecy given by God.