Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Is Zarqawi dead?

This post seems to say he's died. With all the rumors going around about Zarqawi in the last couple of days it's tough to really say what's going on.


From was worships Al-Zarqawi transient Al-Zarqawi died and blessing was transient Allah of live Allah worships not dies
From was worships Al-Zarqawi transient Al-Zarqawi died and blessing was transient Allah of live Allah worships not dies

Solid praise be to God many the scientists strong and the prayer and Al-Salam Al-Salam on his messenger of the guardian and on his family and accompanied him his befriends [aajme'yn] and blessing from walked on their right path to Judgment Day

(and what Mohammed except messenger Khallah already from before him the messengers ['af'in] died or killing heels and blessing overturned on your his heels overturns on so be soft Allah damages something will and cut me grateful Allah) ['al] ages (144).

When hearing Abdullah Bin young donkey of bruises Allah about him about death of the messenger informed Allah prayed on him and peace of peace said:
Not to so straightened and [mwtwaa] on what died on him
O God that I [aabru'] follow you of which verb these (the polytheist) and apologize apologized follow you of which verb these (conceded)
Then killer until become a martyr and what what knew him his sister not to from his ring from abundance his of wounds
Until Saad said Bin Muaad:
Allah what could [yaa] messenger Allah verb [maa] did (any Abdullah Bin young donkey)
So Al-Qaeda blessed Allah in organization that he injury Sheikh of the militants of fathers reported in Musab Al-Zarqawi doors of he and my mother of illiterate
Until wake up little
Return to ourselves little
Is Al-Zarqawi impeccable from the killing?
Is he impeccable what the injury?
Is our Sheikh of exclusion on remainder of the militants

Not and Allah Allah
He put to sleep worshipped [llh] use him in his religion
Dies and [yHy]
Be true and sickens get sick
Rejoices and saddens notch

So not crack the garments
Nor slap the cheeks for injury our of Sheikh
Yet straightened and [mwtwaa] on what explore to dies on him

[trktmwh] [yaa] inseminated seated
[wxdhltmwh] yourselves and your money financed you
Until that sharp punching said their militants donated for
Thought that bats of the hamlet wills extracts you from your place
Inheritance the jihad and supporting of supporting of the jihad
So not cry today on Sheikh of the jihad

Yet rise
On what explore that [ywt] on him

To organization Al-Qaeda about injury our announced of Sheikh and did not intends to grates American successfully practical their yet intended that [ywqdhwaa] Vienna the manhood and the chivalry of the chivalry and be opened [e'naa] lowness of the sitting

So is from respondent that daughter-in-law not endures that listening [bnbaa] killing of Sheikh kept him Allah seals to land AlRafidayn and diligent in way of Allah in the breath and the coming money the money of Sheikh of the Islam in your possessing soul and your money not the women or first the harm harbors as and what in you from harm not to what turning was in your from weakness

Know that Sheikh kept him stricken Allah and perhaps the offered cure for him other than security Kamel for reasons so claimed for him and be loyal to the praying be loyal to and that daughter-in-law wants to Sheikh pleases more so come on to transaction of the death Allah fight in way until find one of [aalHsnyyn]

AlRafidayn gelled to land # # # yet hear to say him rose:
[aanfrwaa] pumice and heavy and way of Allah in your strive in moneys and valuable your yourselves))
Truimphant Allah on his matter and to are to more the people are [laaye'lmwn] and Allah from behind the intention ................................. [mnfwl]. .[lldktwraalaaslaamy]