Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jihadi reports from the fight in Al-Qaim

I hope our troops remain safe there in Al-Qaim and kick some jihadi butt!


After so paralyzing her in Al Qaim forces of the occupation and Iraqi forces modern city plunges and kills Imam of mosque and matter

The organization of net – May 26, 2005

Forces of the occupation rose American supports her Iraqi forces Wednesday 25/5 in modern penetration city of one of conservative cities Al-Anbar armed west of Baghdad in pilgrimage presence from helpers [aalzrqaawy] resorted to her after operation of last Al Qaim which failure make sure her in her failed quick.

Publication already this participating forces her of elements in the city and intersections of the knock focussed in and the high houses occupied and took her sites for her snipers who kept on kill all from moves.

Was whereof their killers this forces of Sheikh (crippled Ismael Abdullah) comprehensive Imam of the sword during his exit from his house to raising of call to prayer of the dawn, you women from family killed one and infancies road to the school for accomplishment of the exams were in their final.

This and the joint forces of modern hospital plunged and sonic bombs threw inside her so medical publication of the horror between the patients and the cadre.

Nor ended this forces continuity of campaigns enemy their and the random detention and the hunting rightly the families in aspects of the city.

Resulted this operation in context of the continuous operations in the siege and enemy their and the random detention and the killing on the citizens in the cities of the safe Iraqi.