Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Latest Zarqawi audio tape

I've gotta say right off that in listening to this audio tape, the voice appears to be different than the Zarqawi tapes previous. I don't know if perhaps he has a cold so his voice sounds different, or perhaps it's just not him at all.


Speech [aalzrqaawy] message from soldier to his prince [Swt]+ [nS]+[tHlyl]
Iraqi Abu easiness

Word our of Sheikh refused [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah rose

Message from soldier to his prince

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[yaa] many seats the throw of jump of the feet
Praise be to God of many the scientists and the consequence [llmtqyn] nor enemies except on oppressive, and the prayer [waallslaam] on Imam of the militants represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn].
As for after:
So to you [yaa] brothers the faith of word our of Sheikh refused [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah and reign threw him
Carried hereunto connecting

In format [aalryl]
Monday 22/from last spring 1426 corresponding May 30, 2005

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants

Moved from net of the loyalty


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

The informational department for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn


Word for Sheikh fathers Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi


Message from soldier to his prince

Praise be to God goats of the Islam in his victory. Degrader of the polytheism in his subjugation .[wmSrf] the matters in his matter .[wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness .[aaldhy] pot the days states and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress .[waalSlaat] and the peace on from his superior lighthouse of the Islam in CIF.

From soldier and stand on frontline the
From fathers Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi
To his prince [aalmfDaal] fathers Abdullah Osama Laden refuse. Allah avowed assign him in his blessing and dye on him abundant honored him ......

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat… as for after

So that I the praising to you Allah who not god except he,

For that bone ['ashtyaaqAA] from you grammatical ** so in hearts from the eagerness of fire
Perhaps Allah gathers after showed ** union be soft and get close the shrine

Allah teaches [yaa] our Sheikh that we selected not for far about you even though loaded us the birds to walked to you, so glory asked Allah his to returns to us the meeting forget with you and to [ydhyqnaa] beauty of the meeting dumb.

Our prince of the gaul.

We on certitude that you look forward [blhft] and our our love for identified news and for assurance on situations occurred from you on [sntt] Imam stoker from the advances good losing was age accepted Allah about him if sent army goes every day to ['aTrf] the city [ystTle'] news the army and waits news [kaa] cry [aalHblY] [faa] confirm punching that we on path the jihad walking and on the agreement last [nstrxS] valuable and valuable until endorses Allah debt and raises spoke him or perish echo him and to lead resolved matter and terminating welfares and raising banner the jihad [wsllnaa] swords our iron and high our brigade the struggle [wtxdhnaa] the arrowheads and spears boat sail in him to [aale'z] and the empowering faith blessing in to neighing the horses and clank the swords he key the victory and way the fingernail think him already [tnaahY] to hearing your Al-Khobar who transports him mass mediums the and hot the brains [wl'afhaam] and delicious my moral his that I hit In fluent wounds [e'ljt] on favored her in hospital Ramadi [faa] loved to feel reassured you and feel reassured Muslim in [mshaarq] the land [wmGaarbhaa] in to this all him pure ['ashaae'aat] not basis the health have fun from and she wounds grow light your you memory of the brotherhood in the divisions of the informations and that I in Hamad [llh] ['atqlb] in abundant blessings Allah between brotherhoods and my family in land AlRafidayn and begin with them [mqaare't] the crucifixes [wmnaazlt] jogs the creed of fathers.

Our prince of the darling…

Writes lac the reed this words and soldiers line by virtue of admirable Allah wonderful the in the redemption and the sacrifices and the defense about [HyaaD] this debt [waaldhb] about accidents Muslim in city Al Qaim land [aalnzaal] and arena the men losing [thaawt] her in her legend the marines and rubbish mask the falsity and fixed the Islam and youths Mohammed peace be upon him that them brave in the field lions about the meeting from emigrants and helpers [fhaahyh] goals ['aSlybyh] disappeared on walls Al Qaim so in horsemen acne ten days from the battles ferocious and continuous enabled Allah to ['abnaay'k] from reply normal cruciferous and on walls the city and receded legions [xaasy'h] tired snatched wounds and to lead Kent this battle from the battles great in their date the Islam and conceded so to Allah sign the defeat in worry and making [aaldbrt] on them after photos edifice big loaded them the General the named in drinker the wine [mtbjH] united Allah Glory his and rose that we will shake important even though was Mohammed or many Mohammed with them and that he wills waters the wine on favored triumph until hears in they the scientist so not ends call upon them and that stated this to return to memory stated enemy Allah our fathers ignored day full moon when said and Allah not return about combat Mohammed until die overtook and drink in her the wines and plays on us [aalqyaan] until listening Arabic in their director our [fy] [hdhaa] [aaldyn] [aaldyn] [wtjrwaa] [wtjrwaa] [e'lY] [rb] [aale'aalmyn] [aale'aalmyn]. Said Sheikh the Islam refuse Tim his have mercy him Allah rose in for strict [aalmslwl] [wnDyr] this [maa] restricted double in him numbers of Muslim the deviating family the doctrine and the experience about what tried times multiplex in fatigue the fortresses and the cities which in the coasts Shami blame fatigue Muslim in her my son yellowish in time said shelter grieve the horses or the city month or more than the month and he abstainer on us until be about to [ny'as] from him until if exposure crescents the cursing the messenger peace be upon him and the incident in target hurries us opening and blame overworks be late except day or days or towards that you opens the place force and is in them slaughterhouse great said until that shelter not [tnbaashr] in rushing the opening if heard them sign in him with filled the hearts field on them in what said in him. Ended wounds and already according to Allah glory his and rose one ['abnaay'k] to killing this General so hit helicopter which was be independent her and necessitates me blows the militants in her to air in him so burns him in fire the life before fire [aal'axrh] so Allah the Hamad [waalmnt] losing generous our Allah glory his and rise so pieces heads and their rags our wounds their said that America delivered in the blood and nursed the blood [w'athxnt] the blood [wte'mlqt] on the blood and to wills sinks in the blood and for to was [yaa] Sheikh our already secret rabies my son yellowish Bush capture brothers our Abu vulva Libyan [faalqd] [saa'wh] what refer in soldiers his in Al Qaim and remaining my please AlRafidayn

Our prince of the darling….

That the enemy in reconciliation Allah walks you you drew for him and that we by virtue of Allah be about to to master the angina on him and that walked the plan in matter Allah your promise have fun so that results will appear for each this eyes in [maa] eased all muslim [wysw'] all disbeliever and hypocritical and that I not calculate that the plan drawn arrived you or in road to you so the enemy today lives bad days in land AlRafidayn and for nor what present him and dares him the rejectors grandsons refuse the colocynths and on headed them Imam the hamlet and the atheism Al-Sistani lacs situation my son yellowish other than what sees the nation today and this what represent him on him Thomas so debris writing American in newspaper [nywrk] Time _ where said be possible the statement that Al-Sistani fulfilled faces return him played for good President Bush her self the role who games his handkerchief [wGrbaatshwf] for good Bush the father while was chief then By virtue of and leadership of handkerchief African punching of the authority to majority of lions in south in process his fulfilled of peaces and this of which forearm ['adaart] the father and allied his on investigation practical in shackles [haadY] likewise secrets was [Grbaatshwf] on disassembling [aal'atHaad] the Soviet and regards of East Germany in process other than intense this of which descent simplified [aal'atHaad] the smooth Soviet descent above ground and notched he the solver in the international relations or athletic so that he it is preferable to lucky formation on that formation good, and to lucky formation that side like handkerchief is to your [wGrbaatshwf] and Al-Sistani….
In their characteristic of partners for arrival to dividing agreement historic at historic split, and hosts so saying debris that the thing who rose in him Al-Sistani and for more Arabic importance he his grants of the politics his of legitimate interpretation ((hair [GmaatyaaAA])) For Islam will and form operation [dmqrTt] the scientist Arabic tall and dates above consequences many and to are opportunities the success improves in shackles huge while is for de our partners from inside the area enjoy in legitimate children felt acceptances and this what be available in Al-Sistani already shade observe companion in to any Allah who reachs from the age 75[snh] live and delicious my evaluates in house his small in bottles narrowness in Najaf how be possible for man hereby lick and in this wisdom to endorses from in the middle of debris Iraq who cause him Saddam and I did not introduce that never and to are all what can say him he that I hopeful to lives until age [aalmy'h] and the ten year (120[e'aam]) and hopeful to our occurs this man on prize Nobel. His wounds ended, and to frightened these traitorous slave from the rejector [waalbshmrkh]….
What [r'aw] from situation reigned them and worshipped their and his universe became degraded myope as walks so resolved [e'zmt] the slave [li'astnqaadhh] and ['axraajh] from the swamp who sank in him and not indicate thereon from American statement of chief the pillars [rtshaarz] Mayors that the war on Iraq the strength scattered military American and to any war new wills take time tall and substances needs to ['aDaafyt] and to American edifice of one of officers of the army in the area lead green no one the saying correspondents. To already [ksr] those [aalSe'aalyk] in fear the army American who not [tjrw'] army from armies the scientist on [ksr] _ Ahmed the many that we in the moneys [aalTaay'lh] enlist the youths other than American for deadly in Iraq and he rejoiced ['astmraarnaa] Iraq and to are what ['axshaah] to comes day on us not plateau from enlist in million the dollars _ then take out on us jog Allah [aalShywmryky] magnificence Taliban alleges that the jihad her in Iraq became insulated and weak and this [aalde'y] befriend the stated famous already came Mohammed [baalqraan] on the camels and the day not creates stubborn our camel driver so retrieve this Quran to Mecca on [aaldwaab] and the donkeys and that I to challenge this [aal'afaak] [aal'athym] that was man to take out from hole his in tour visit him in districts Baghdad or Mosul or Al-Anbar until teaches far fathers my from he weak insulated and hit him and Allah time [aalrwybDh] trivial time who order of the common people speaks in…

[yswswn] the matters [bGyr] brain ** so their order executes and S.A.S. dismisses his

Our prince of the highborn ....... [fdaak] fathers and my mother

Not serious welfare from this narrative seal in him this message be true about muslim that doorstep Bin invasion bruises Allah about him addressed in the people so praising Allah [w'athnaa] on him then said as for after _ so to the life call to prayer [bsrmn] and followed [Hdaa'h] and blame remains from her except [Sbaabt] [kaa] [Sbaabt] for pot [ytSaabhaa] accompany her and that you mobile in her to house not disappearance have fun [fntqilu] all-right what in His Excellency your so that he already male be soft that the rooms finds from gauze his [jhnm] [faa] airs in her seven year not knows have fun injuring and Allah [ltmly'n] ['afaa] [e'jbtm] and to lead male be soft that [maabyn] demises from wrestler Heaven propellent four sharpen him nor comes us on her day and he [kDyD] from [aalzHaam] and to lead saw me seventh seven with messenger Allah peace be upon him financed food except papers the trees Until ulcer ['ashdaaqnaa] so God-fearing in defection so cracked her show and in yen Saad Bin possessing [f'atzrt] in half [w'atzr] Saad in half mouth became blessing today except became ['amyraaAAe'lY] Egypt from [aal'amSaar] and that I ['ae'wdh] in Allah that am in myself great and stubborn Allah small and that we on certitude in to Allah your prepare him for nation in ordeal after death the prophet peace be upon him day that wanted the nation in happy her and blame remains except Mecca and the city until [wstwHsh] Muslim and feared her good and star century disbelieving and hypocritical and beginning glossiness swords so prepare Allah have fun the mountain [aal'ashm] the friend Ridwane Allah on him so boiled the armies to fighting deserted and penetrative expedition Osama to fighting my son yellowish jogs the creed fathers that expedition who take out in deep-black the circumstances and difficult her disassemblies bones the armies blessing and right her [nqbt] so to who sent that army at that the circumstance Crucial able on to executes this expedition O God expedition executed Osama ask Allah rose to keeps you and extends in built you and makes you throats of the runner pronged in and to lac in the testimony and we seals [bntDHaar] your orientations and your orders so peace for your brothers your of small brothers

(and truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are not know)

[waalHmdllh] many the scientists

Night Friday 19 \ \ 4[le'aam] 1426

The Islamic front informational of the universality

Divided the spreading and the distribution

Emptying: [qe'qt] the swords - [smyraa'] [aal'azdy]

Concise analysis in points for word . From soldier to his prince
1) The angina Abu Musab informational wars America in war his of selves from the heavy rifle faces, if speaks confidently about plan of placed, and to the easy enemy her of according to!!! He speaks confidently tough, believe that the message connection already.

2) Abu Musab coming goals deported determines, and Shiah and their Imam on head will be ['alwlyaat] the organization in deporting coming, and he wants to Osama gains in support of from Sheikh, then swimmer appears between Muslim big seduction concerning excitement of the battles between Sunnis and the Shiites in this timing.
From clear that goals of the stage coming the extra concentration on orientation from the blows will be [aalfe'aalh] for armies of the defection, and sons of the guard pagan Iraqi, and sons [aalbshrmjt] and full moon boiled.

3) Abu Musab confirms that the militants in Iraq the land master effective, and to previous goals deporting fulfilled in complete, so the government [aaltY] build her the occupation of bishop on the papers, not Iraq possesses her chief until the passing in tours in land!!

4) Sheikh confirms sold him for Sheikh Osama bin Laden, and confirms that the present communications, and soldier for Sheikh intensifies on his, and member of the allegiance and the obedience presents to the Muslim order of the militant followed, and he what pulps in front of attempts the western information of receiver creation of gap cuts up in front of general from the people between prince of Iraq and prince Al-Qaeda, Al-Zarqawi clarifies in what not field for doubt rebuffs that he in wait orders of Sheikh graze him!!!

5) Al-Zarqawi specific offered on footstep in the operations, and truimphant the assumption that his message for Sheikh Osama permission in the standing in work requests other than common, and appears Al-Zarqawi confident from close dawn of alternative the horizon waves in.

Allah ask to keeps Al-Zarqawi
Lost [ndr] that [tjwd] the nation in man his of methyls
Battle strives in other than equivalent
Eye of the confidence for victory looks in who mayn't [yraah] one of blessings close, and to are Al-Zarqawi feels in him and touchs him, yet and makes me live him reality across his words loyal confident
Truimphant meaning and Allah on his feel order. To more the people are not know when graduation between his lips
O God your lac of the praising magnificence be necessary for directed you and great Sultan your on cure this militant

Any her Al-Zarqawi strange grate
What several strange between the people, so our hearts and our hopes [ttlhf] for hearing vote you
So Allah pass on pool, lac of the loyalty in the work ask Allah, and to gathers me in the militants under [lwaay'k]