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Loads of links

Tons of links just putting them here for everyone. Some are just links to sites, others are links to videos/audio. These came from the ansar_jehad mailing list.\~alm2sda/vb/\~fasadalsaud/index.html\#communism

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Archive of the movies [aaljhaadyt]

The source
The registration in collected of the helpers connected [aaljhaadyt]
Sites for movies [aaljhaadyt] sneef=4
Sites to raising of the folders in several flinch

Spreading hope this subject in all the forums to loading of the movies before unemployment of the ties

The issuances [aalmry'yh] big for army the Islams
Big Allah: Tape and [maa] threw then throw and to Allah are army threw for the complete Islamism in Iraq
Connected new for release fourth for army the Islamism in Iraq\~terrori/walakinallahrama.wmv
The jihad voted (from issuances of the army Islamic in Iraq)
This this part first\~terroris/1iraqwar.wmv
The third release for army the Islamism in Iraq
In memory [aal'aHtlaal]
Hell American in first Iraq the release for army the Islamism
(special issuance in the Islamic army in Iraq) and to are to are not complete\~terroris/americanhill.wmv
The movie lion the mouths of fathers of Shami mankind connected have mercy him Allah\~terrori/altawhiddocumentary.wmv
Movie winds of the victory complete in high goodness
The part first
The part second
The part third
The part fourth
The part fifth
The part sixth
Organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn
Tape winds of the victory 53 surged
The tape who issued him founder of zipper in the memory first for invasion [nwywrk] and Washington Washington
For conserving one of the ties choose next:
So did not biography Sheikh the militant of Al-Thawahiri from his childhood to Al-Qaeda in spite of nose hypocritical

Video of martyrs hollow
High goodness:
Medium goodness:
https: //
In format 3pg for mobile phone (([aalblwtwth])):
Tape practical the martyr Sudair
Heroic operation Tikrit of wonderful scenes for injuries the American RM-\~blue_cats/cg…urce/
Cut up [raas] one of the mercenary from the pagan guard Hussein calls Jasim Mohammed after
Extortion of one Muslim daughter in front of the mosque
Tape of hell Baghdad [lywm]20050530[e'bwaat] explosive and clashes [shwaare']RM-\~blue_cats/cgi-bin/upload/source/
Hell [aalshrTt]20050429 the explosives-laden operations martyr of strikes in [aalSmym]rm5-mg
Tape invasion of practical Mosul Ahmed Al-Ghamdi
The Islamic army in Iraq of pregnancy Alan so did not and statement of rubbish flying [aalblGaaryt]21-4-2005
Cut load for operation the martyr on headquarter of the American inquiries in Tikrit\~aqcorpo/videos/tegret11.rmvb
Loaded so did not operations in Mosul\~aqcorpo/videos/tadmeer3.rmvb
His works his of martyr against the forces [aalbryTaanyh] [aalSlybyh]\~terroris/film001.wmv
His his cruciferous destruction armored\~terroris/suicidehand.wmv
His works his of martyr in Ramadi\~terroris/film002.wmv
His invasion of benevolent Mosul to rule of the jihad in countries reign AlRafidayn\~terrori/amalyah.wmv
Invasion [aalxaaldyh]
Explosion of building for intelligence [aalaamrykyh] in Mosul December 29, 2004…. Huge explosion very
Operation hotel of the martyr Sudair
Invasion of Sheikh Abu ['ans] Shami have mercy him Allah - penetration of jail Abu Ghraib
Tape beating of interior convoy minister today and killing 4 from his companions [wylyt] destruction Laury [aamryky]3mg\~blue_cats/cg…urce/
Helpers of Sunnis boiled find the arrest on one the spy in city of Mosul with tape his of recognition\~bbs/UP/file/008.wmv
Cutter for militants and they lines of the assistance and the queues cut up [aalmtjhh] [llflwjh]
The tape who be about to to prince of the anginae cries [aabaamSe'b] [aalzrqaawy]. .[aallh] big
The prisoner of war of the Australian and he sends in his salutations to Bush and Howard\~blue_cats/cgi-bin/upload/source/

So did not will the martyr of emigrant Abu Abdullah - received him Allah - army helpers of Sunnis

For watching tape recognitions and erecting of limit Allah the Sudaneses rose on the six the entering hopes on
Sharp the next ties:
The Islamic army in Iraq of destruction cistern of fuel 29-4-2005 with the film
Inherent witness of first the hero/immortal Islamboli in assassination Sadat
Tape application of the legitimate rule in the Egyptian spy of the traitor
Sons of Sheikh Osama bin Laden
Photographed speech for Sheikh sound Abu Gaith
Previews from explosions Spanish in his lentils of camera [llmraaqbh]
Organization seated the jihad in countries AlRafidayn
Tape practical martyr ministry the interior
[mjm] [we't] from cuts and dignities of the militants in various fields of the jihad
The part [aalaawl]Version: RM 69.8MB
The worldwide war third (the war against Al-Qaeda) [']Bbc documentary tape
The part second Version: RM 86.7MB
The worldwide war third (the war against Al-Qaeda) [']Bbc documentary tape
Lecturer entitled the height and the deferral for sacred disassembly Allah rejoice him
Lecturer of hamlet without hamlet for Sheikh fathers [qtaadt] disassembly Allah rejoice him
The security encyclopedia wso3az.doc
Cemetery for soldiers American in Iraq… segment [fdyw]
The high accuracy and volume of the movie connected in her 38 surged in any
Trip to refugees of Darfor in east Chad. .[wjhwd] the christianization. (so did not wonderful discovers the truths
For who in turning his suspected around the militants
Loading of the book hurried in: Inquiries and suspicions of suspicions around the militants and [e'mlyaathm]1
War movie of meeting immortal Sheikh with Sheikh grazed him Bin Laden
Spoke him Sheikh grazed him [aaljdydh] [wmbaaye'tt] for Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawY]
6minute-8mg-wmv[shryT] the American militant [e'zaam]
The militants returned on ['ae'tdaa'] the rejectors and cruciferous: Firstly
Operation explosion of gathering for soldiers Al-Sistani [fY] explosives-laden Baghdad in car bomb [fY] Al-Rasafa
Tape battle of the snows of the skewers
Cutter for operation of bombing of airport Baghdad [b]60 rocket [kaatyw] [shaa]
Organization Al-Qaeda martyr tape the operation presents consequently today on the fast lane in district of the justice
Bringers of good news of the victory ..... army helpers his of tongues 20[mlf] file batching the in folder rise in then rise in opening folder of the accumulation
1 mp; click=ee300
11 ick=ee310
****************************** permanent ties for several film [jhaadyt] old

Wonderful snapshots for attacks September 11
Enter the signer
The destroyer Kohl
Enter the signer
Some the movies and the cutters which Afghanistan pertains [waalqaae'dh] and students
The arrested prisoners of war in rare cup snapshot and to are mean the plenty
Attack of students and the Arabic Afghans on signer for army the Afghan
Overtook Bosnia
Good goodness m/arabic/images/vedio/badr2.rm
The definition in the martyrs who killed during their jihad in Bosnia and the Herzegovina and role
All one their blessing and the good photo very ges/vedio/bsnia706.rm

Sword [aal'aslaam] the high speech goodness [wmnxfDHt]
Enter the signer
Hell Russian 3/4
Enter the signer
Hell Russian 5
Founder battalions of the truth for production the informatory
Hell presents Russian the part fifth\~terroris/1ja7em5.wmv
Martyrs of the skewers
The martyrs portrayed who other of the battles killed in upright current in the skewers
So did not Ansar al Islam
Enter the signer
Television road of the truth
All the sonic speeches for Sheikh the militant [aabwmSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah
To sonic conserving any substance of right [aalmaaws] conserving of the goal in poisonous Save Target AS

Speech [aalzrqaawy] [yaa] family the Islam of the pull of the pull
Abu [aasyd] Iraqi military prince the wing for seated in Iraq returns on [aabwmSe'b] [aalzrqaawy]
Substitute AbdulRahman the Iraqi of prince returned Sheikh Abu [aalqaae'dh] on speech Sheikh of fathers [mSe'b]

Follow [baalqaaflh]
The period: Hour [w]29 second
The volume: 2.84 [myGaa]

['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

Message except the nation
The period: 33 minute [w]23 second
The volume: 2,05 [myGaa]

['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

The legitimate situation from government my of cherry Iraq
The period: 16 minute and 8 seconds
The volume: 1 [myGaa]
['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

Wills important his for militants and the reply on [aalmxdhlyn]
The period: Hour and 30 second
The volume: 2,84 [myGaa]
['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

Where family [aalmrw'aat]
The period: 44 minute and 5 seconds
The volume: 5,11 [myGaa]
['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

The reply on lying of the Jordanian intelligence
The period: 7 minutes [w]23 second
The volume: 1 [myGaa]
['axtr] either the ties next his

Word in light of second occurrences Fallujah
The period: 4 minutes and 54 second
The volume: 2,16 [myGaa]
['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

Provocative word for militants Iraq
The period: Minute and 40 second
The volume: 1,49 [myGaa]
['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

Compassion ['abwmSe'b] in companion train him ['abwaans] Shami {from tape lion of the mouths} 0
The period: 5 minutes and 4 seconds
The volume: 1,12 [myGaa]
['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh]

[wkdhaalk] the messengers try then formation have fun the consequence
The period: Hour [w]13 minute
The volume: 9 [myGaa]
['axtr] [aa] me from the ties [aaltaalyh]

To way the criminals of the period be shown:48 minute [w]23 second of the volume: 6 [myGaa] ['axtr] either the ties [aaltaalyh] *************** magazine roadsign of the jihad - the equipments ninth and the twenty - month of spring first 1426 him\~blue_cats/cg…urce/\~blue_cats/cg…urce/

******* ******* ['abwhaajr] Iraqi ([aalqaarY'] who [qraa] in offered speech of Sheikh ['abwmSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] benevolent) [aalqaarY] he ['abwhaajr] Iraqi disassembly Allah rejoice him (sentenced attic of range of the life in jails America) what violence eases from [aal'anfaal] family of ages

************** harvest canal of visible Al-Jazeera for seated harvester of Al-Qaeda in year 2004 to loading of the conditions (the period: 3 minutes - the volume: 4.40 Mb)

************* all tapes and speeches and will of Sheikh [e'bdllh] [e'zaam] tapes of Sheikh [HfyDH] Al-Dosari tapes of Sheikh Mohammed [aalhbdaan]

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Proof [mshaawr] for sites [aaljhaadyt]

Movie cure the chest of army of helpers of Sunnis

Format RM in volume 122mb:
So did not about the commander of Sheikh Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah

The Islamic army in Iraq/destruction poured in [aalSqlaawyt] 25-4-2005 with the film
Wonderful Allah big operation very hope from the all loading her instantized dispute limbs of seven crusaders
Video loaded (dispute limbs of seven American soldiers)
Loaded so did not confessor bombardment for the American force in Baquba of big Allah
This what serious in him hands the militants from throwers of organization Al-Qaeda in countries of AlRafidayn on headquarter of the Jew [waalnSaarY] in Baquba .[wllh] the Hamad [waalmnt]
Big Allah of big Allah [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants.
Loaded the film\~aqcorpo/videos/kasf.WMV
For mobile phone
In format 3GP\~aqcorpo/videos/kasf.3gp
Now ready for loading… so did not martyrs Riyadh the ten
New ties and constant


The part first
The part [aalthaanY]
The part third
The part fourth
The part fifth
The part sixth
The part seventh
After revelation completes this folders get lost her in volume one
Then through the use of program WinRar disassembly of the pressure about the folder first only to assumes accumulation remainder of the parts


Connected new for movie complete


Secret program extremely related in September 11 deporting numbers and plan and beating of towers of the worldwide commerce)
The signer enter [yDhr] square the loading


['ilbwm] photos of the commanders
Photos of varied contains on for some from commanders of the jihad
[aabwmSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] - Ayman Al-Zawahiri - Abdullah [e'zaam] - connected AbdulAziz - martyrs invasion of New York and Washington - and photos of varied other

To loading of the album on connecting next
Not [tnswnaa] from Saleh [de'aay'km]

Security books and bodily varied
Despotic book the stay in the difficult circumstances and book of book of the occurrence on the water


Army grown-up by collaboration with battalions of the anger Islamic progress tape of American destruction carriage 24/4


Voted the Caucasus
The number first of magazine roadsign of the Caucasus
To loading of the magazine choose either the ties [aaltaalyh]

Format [aakrwbaat] P D F\~eteam/phpup/img/

Format and reply WORD\~eteam/phpup/img/

[nrjwaa] spreading her in all the forums

The Islamic army in Iraq/destruction poured in [aalSqlaawyt] 25-4-2005 with the film
The film lowered from connecting

Organization Al-Qaeda adopts [nHr] deserted (Jasim Mohammed Hussein beds) @ (with the film) @.

3GP[llhwaatf] mobile


5.8 MB

Good goodness in volume 2 surged

Lower-quality in volume 1 surged


Tape (and incited the insurers incited) roadsign and photo of photo

The tape the video of high goodness very
MPG s/wharth.005

The folders in volume get lost one then pressure folder of the accumulation
Live operation of the justice

- in format zip\~assphalt/stored/1487(1).zip\~assphalt/stored/
Live operation of the justice - in format rar

Your brothers in organization Al-Qaeda in countries of last AlRafidayn in their jihad and their combat in way Allah rose until Allah masters Islamic law the countries and the worshipers
Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and in his messenger and for militants


Urgent/the Islamic army in Iraq of destruction the crowns poured in 26-4-2005 with the film
Other ties…
Or open and pregnancy from other the page
Big Allah… so did not new for militants in the skewers…
This he the film connected…

Concentrated the Caucasus

Provision for movie of destruction connected armored cruciferous his in convex Mosul

[aae'trfaat] pagan soldier from the guard the his discovers horrible veil about truths ([fdyw])
Connected provision

Loaded quickly new cutters from invasion of fathers of strange mankind on jail fathers
Substitute ties:

For who elapsed him first loading cut for agent of penetration [aabwGryb]….
The vassal from the ties loads [aaltaalyh]

Martyr operation in area of the watching north of Baghdad
Ties of the movie
Connecting second
Connecting third
Substitute ties


The pagan guard of the Iraqi or in correct hired hook America

This hook did not her practice is complete not to to conceded protection of the crucifixes and humiliation postponed - Sunnis -
So their many crimes nor [tHSY] rightly our conceded brothers in countries AlRafidayn and while mean Muslim intend family of Sunnis
So expand in this message of object their crimes walks from rightly muslims Iraq
This sister Allah from family of Fallujah be soft in the tears narrates in what be exposed to him before pagan hook the guard before that [yslmwhaa] for American [lyswmwhaa] abusing of the sufferance - and Allah [aalmste'aan]
To loading of the tape and he visible choose either the ties [aaltaalyh]

This one hook of the pagan guard and his name Mohammed Jasim beds recognizes [bjraay'mt] against family his of tongues in Iraq before to Allah evaluates soldier Al-Rahman border on him
To loading of the tape and he visible also one of the ties choose [aaltaalyh]
5.8 MB

Good goodness in volume 2 surged

Lower-quality in volume 1 surged
Allah ask [e'zwjl] to brothers of the militants from necks be possible our these deserted
This only crimes from crimes grandsons of son of the colocynths rightly our brothers of the muslims in countries AlRafidayn
Nor around nor strength not to in Allah