Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Message of the militant Izzat Ibrahim to leadership the front and her militants of the heroes


Message of the militant Izzat Ibrahim to leadership the front and her militants of the heroes

Message of the militant Izzat Ibrahim to leadership the front and her militants of the heroes:
Ties of the lover deepened [waaltEElf] and the cooperation between all the factions fighter in the field from our companions Baathist and organized their and their Islamic factions and their battalions and their secrecy and factions and national and national.

Special net Basra

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

That who [ybaaye'wnk] grow [ybaaye'wn] Allah hand Allah above support them so blessing of violation so grow violates on himself and blessing carried out in what promised on him Allah [fsyu'tyh] great wages.

Believed great Allah

Any her the dear companions and the brotherhood of leadership of the front and her militants of the heroes.

Salutation the faith and the jihad and the redemption, salutation from at Allah blessed good dumb [yaa] honor the men [yaa] heroes the Arabism and the Islam glory high and special in jihad your and championships your and sacrifices your, live your Allah dear your Allah and descending the knife in hearts your [waathaabkm] openings close, victory from Allah and opening close and in bad insured and inform any her the men the militants that [llh] the order before and after after [wywmy'dh] rejoices insured in victory Allah grant victory from wants and he dear merciful, promise Allah [laayxlf] Allah promised him and to are more the people not teach.

To arrived me decision the highborn and indeed me for Saeed proud in this weights confidence valuable in spite of loads heavy within my our ? our ? Fighters the date on the gunshots for the sake of the freedom and the Izzat and the dignity and the truth and the justice after the informed prophet Arabic peace be upon him and accompanied him generous, and know any her the men the heroes that this transaction blessed she stubborn my idealizes part dear and sacred from transaction the jihad big which [baaye'naa] in her the country and the nation fight and defend the fever fever the Arabism and the Islam and about holy and the wives until obtain [aalHsnyyn] the testimony and the victory [aalmu'zr] for branch and kill us or ones, and inform that she pure transaction loyal [llh] and in Allah fulfilled her way

Allah not for de our share nor [l'amr'at] [nnkHhaa] and put to sleep selling and purchase with Allah be exalted want him possessing valuable and the souls and the moneys on road and guided insured first who bought Allah from them themselves and moneys their in to to love Heaven fight in way Allah so kill and kill promise on him truly in [aaltwaart] and the Angel and the Quran, From carried out in agreement his from Allah [faastbshrwaa] in sale your who [baaye'tm] in him and lowness your he the winning great, so not say punching today except you you said reigned Moussa peace be upon him indeed me not hope you not to myself militant in way Allah and money my he financed the branch and the nation and the country so that I granted myself [llh] since time far ['asaalh] rose to receives her in admission goodness and to bestows me from prefer him the testimony in way ['ie'laa'] spoke him [waae'zaaz] method the message immortal in expedition the life and renewal her for nation.

So spent any her the men free brave in road diligent [waale'z] and the balconies and the championship examples fiducial [jhaadyaa] heroic [nmwdhjaa] Iraqi appropriating and distinguished about the his methyl and the examples lightens road diligent for nation and humanitarian and this he amount Iraq and quantity and fate men and quantity since character Allah rose and as enveloping kill them in his load messages to human, so to sold you his this she transaction for branch of and the nation and the country yet she transaction [llh] and messenger peace be upon him, and inform that hand Allah above support you so blessing violation so put to sleep violates on himself and blessing carried out in what promised on him Allah [fsyu'tyh] wages great so are patient [yaa] became strong the nation and crown her [wyaaqrt] eye the country valuable and conserve and connect and feared Allah [le'lkm] succeed, and inform for sure the that from [ytq] Allah makes for him exit and bestows him from where [laayHtsb], makes for him exit from narrowness

Needs to the determination [aale'zwm] and the steadiness in [Hwmt] [aalwGY] and you any her the men the heroes insured truth so you qualified Iraq and you qualified the date and the civilizations and you campaign the messages. So you choice sons the nation and men and you became strong her and honor her, and know any her [aal'aHbt] that the jihad needs to the men and the money and not be soft today not to men Iraq [aalaashm] and money his good so live Allah Iraq and men his [wnsaay'h] and dear Allah Iraq and men his [wnsaay'h] and faithful your Allah in Iraq and men his [wnsaay'h] so to benevolent all him in men Iraq and money his so Iraq in the universe he treasure the rights in Allah and in messages his and messengers his and Iraq he speared Allah in the land and family Iraq and men his their who were and to removed guard the mouths on extension date kill them tall and extend [aal'amSaar] in moneys their, so return any her dear and phased programs inclusive and deep to preparing the men on rules the rights in Allah and in the country

The nation, all men Iraq from become remote north of him to become remote [lhdhh] sides Arabic and Kurds and accumulate us their muslims and Christian year and all them Iraqi ['amaajd] not favor for Iraqi on Iraqi today not to in the rights and the jihad and the redemption, renewed for this nation debt renewed for this nation live her agitated for their this nation propellent her, to put to sleep sect eyes coward, concentrated any her the Iraq militants on the youths comprehending sons the revolution illusion soul propellent revolutionary fiducial illusion less pollution and seduction from change them illusion more readiness for sacrifice and the redemption and many protection on and ton and kill them jihads illusion designating the the markets who [laaynDb] if what their improve education and numbers and leadership and inform any her the militants wherever were on land Iraq [aalTaahrt] that money Iraq the drawings he financed you the Islamic laws and you the militants unify you the side legitimate only in which have fun followed starting in the behavior In him where wants for service propellent the jihad and the liberation and you the side legitimate only which pronounces Basem Iraq and lead propelling Iraq, and from wants that is Iraqi truth so to follows under [mHdd] banner the jihad holy for fulfilled eviction occupied and liberation the country, and either the [fy] money his popular the persons verbs tax the country when threatens the country and violates wives and sacred and with that already occupied imposing religion orthodox truth in him for jihad in [waaltSe'yd] way Allah open other than to includes the money all him if requests the matter that, all the solvers incited the Iraqi on the expenditure in way Allah and the country and to teaches family the moneys who be stingy in her on and ton and people and religion [wyDe'whaa] in specific service and aids [we'mlaay'h] so not insure on themselves and moneys will be goal for militants will and be moneys prize for jihad, and return yourselves any her the men [llmTaawlt] and the escalation because appraized today We qualified Iraq he the jihad permanent inclusive deep until be liberated country and killed from all strength the injustice [waalTGyaan] and forms lengthened obligated mother palace, we Iraqi unified family the country and wail family the jihad and wail family the reigns and the covenants [laanqyl] nor resign not for branch our nor to killed welfares other than that she live our which live in her free dear and he debt our who removed in him and die in him [e'lYaalaaymaan], so are patient and inform that Allah with patient and inform that the victory close in ear Allah because Allah with us and he the strength dear and for that we religious and Allah defends who insured and for that we fight disbelieving and traitorous and indeed Allah [laayHb] all buffet hamlets and for that we fight in country our and said be exalted want him:

(ear [lldhyn] fight that them wronged and indeed Allah on their victory for able) and for that we Allah fight in way and disbelieving way fight in [aalTaaGwt], so custodians of the devil fight indeed the devil be about to was weak and for to Allah finance us and to disbelieving [laamwlY] to love and inform that Allah commitment in your already victory since [aal'azl] so said be exalted want him: Common, lethal their on extension land our [aalTaahrt] and lethal their on extension obligated [laatde'waa] to love opportunity pick up in her breaths their nor rebuff to love spanned from land our [aalTaahrt] realizes to love security and comfort [aaDrbwhm] where exist inside the cities and outside her on the roads fulfilled confessor their in rules their in camps their in circles their in analgesic their lethal their on extension hours the night and the day, agitated on them the time and the place agitated on them the land and the sea agitated on them easy and the mountain agitated on them the sand and the rooms agitated on them the palm and the trees [laatqtlwaa] from sought protection mutes nor kill repentant returning to guide him and religion his and country his, open door the repentance [lldhyn] betrayed them themselves and wake up consciences their and inform that from repented from the tail hid [laadhnb] for him and inform that Allah forgives the tails all.

Live live Allah the militants live assistive Allah the Arab Allah Palestine the granule and her people of the militant.

Live on the jihad and the martyrdom [yaa] [e'raaq] [aale'z] and diligent

Live on the jihad and the martyrdom [yaa] nation Arabic [yaa] nation of the glories

To meeting place of the victory and the liberation [yaa] brave men Iraq, road of the rights and the jihad and the redemption and the glory lasted on [llh] and for his messenger and for insured.

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat.

Faithful secret leadership of region Iraq

For Arabic party the expedition of the socialist agency

First May 2005