Thursday, May 19, 2005

A militant analyzes Zarqawi's latest statement


Concise analysis in points for speech [aalzrqaawy] “and grandsons son of the colocynths returned”. Special Al-Qaeda dates in circumstance

1) [aalrzqaawy] all-right. He wants to message broadcasts feel reassured in her [mrydyt] in Iraq. So the opportunity elapses on from wanted that weaken determination of the militants

2) The rejectors wronged (['alshye't]) to Sunnis qualify informed extend him, and the Sheikh of the militant [ystnhD] seated determinations from family of Sunnis there to straighten for propellent about their accidents, and he hereby Al-Qaeda empties effort of organization [ll'ithxaan] in family of the crucifix, and popularity of the militants in areas of Sunnis in their increases from consideration [aalmtSdy] first for injustice, and he the order who the militants of arenas gains movement widen for and the hiding.

3) Sheikh letting down of the nation feels in, and the duty here on us we seated in [aal'amSaar] Islamic to crowd of the people for corroboration of the militants try, [wthdj] vote him and he knowledgeable Allah injustice of the sultan for militants complains to.

4) Al-Qaeda group not from [aalmwtwryn] or enthusiastic, and grow verbs and rules of the bills be consistent her, and her leaderships not military only, yet gathering between the knowledges legitimate and the military knowledges, and he what strength of the organization confirms intellectual and ideological and military.

5) The sonic taking out for tape high very, and he truth presence of land translates solid for militants in Iraq, their ability from registration of the substances [aalSwtyh], and the standing in works [aalmwntaaj] [waalmksaaj] in shackles good, and he indicates on that organization Al-Qaeda owns in support of logistic distinguished in light of war of neuroses the KER depends on [waalfr].

6) What ends [aalzrqaawy] wails many on youths of the Islam coming to Iraq, [wystnhD] their determinations, and I think that Sheikh of the militant state for Islam sees started Iraq forms on land, and believe that we in the near future calling will witness for conceded that their alternatives escape to there, for constructive gathered Muslim, needs from the physicians and the engineers and the laborers cushioned his and occupational and the tillages… etc.

Succeeded [aalzrqaawy] informational, in his observance in wounds of messenger Allah peace be upon him
He commander likes [aalmru'] that is under his brigade
So he circumstances fights in difficult his, and but he eye of the optimism observes in, [wykyl] the blows in patience
When speaks… the Islam speaks in speech Izzat, and comprehensible comprehensiveness of the victory at the muslims (testimony was or empowering)
So he not supporting nation of the Islam begs for him, yet the their addresses muslims as one blessing, and affiliation for they be proud in his, and speaks with kill him you the child his happens of mother, so grates her once, [wyrbt] on him once, and broadcasts to her his worries of once last!!
Allah indeed me loved [aalzrqaawy] in Allah
Allah ask [yaa] [zrqaawy] to frees did you for his face and formation in the paradise high
O God make me under banner this man
Bestow me testimony in your way
Truimphant Allah on his matter
To more the people are not know