Friday, May 27, 2005

Missle fight west of Baghdad?


Intense row rocket rule targets “eye blocked” the American in [aalbGdaady]

Thinker of the Islam [special]: The Iraqi resistance of noon raided today rocket Friday attacks rule of the American forces in city targeted [aalbGdaady] happening west of the capital Baghdad.

Pondered eyewitness for correspondent of the Islam confirmed in [aalbGdaady] that 10 missile [mwrtr] and 7 [Swraayx] from kind as repellent tumble on rule “eye blocked” American, and lowness your at the hour 1:30 evening in the timing sweetened, of which burning of the fires inside Al-Qaeda performed to, while subsidiary explosions echoed, and dense withdrawal the smoke of sky of the city covered on after brittle who relationship the half of hour continued.

Brittle heel, fighter stature the American and the helicopters in the flight in sky of the city, while did not correspondent from specification of volume of the losses inside Al-Qaeda manages our except that he indicated until the American soldiers inside Al-Qaeda brittle case from the terror puppies hit in.