Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More posts questioning the Zarqawi injured story


Is fragile organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn his cruciferous noon the information in announcing of news injury of Sheikh?

Sitting the last night in the reasons think which leadership of the militants paid to spreading news of injury of Sheikh permits in [aalfaay'd] Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] his peace Allah and his gauzes of lips.

Minds instants of the dazzle paged in which western spreading Al-Khobar in the canals followed, so did not one from the correspondents harbors security expects to news spreads as this from nevertheless they is for in him leaking from their sources the wish and devices of the inquiries preceded which not [t'al] effort in observer all wandering and mentioned endorses here or there after translates her and her disengagement.

Important that element of the surprise present was strongly [mbhrt] of which performed [baalSSHfyyn] to the gathering in front of ministries external in official Europe to hours late from the night of hope in the occurrence on statement around Al-Khobar, [wybdwaa] that [mwDHDHqy] the inquiries did not be new more than observer forum of the wisdom (transgression number the visitors in the yesterday of 2500 visitor) and change him from the forums [aaljhaadyt] perhaps one of the brothers something about the subject will indicate to.

Noticed the all that all the informative canals of the universality [bmaafyh] following sites the Internet for canals and the worldwide newspapers and agencies of the news in all states of the scientist Abu be agreed on making injury of the commander [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] news of chief with his observance in analyzes expert and interested sittings with guests in Iraq and change her.

Contemplated in this order many

Universes confident that the militants will not crusaders make for way for happiness and the delight in announcing of ruling injury [aalfe'lY] to Iraq, not yet until American themselves confident from this order so initiate to the advertisement about their suspicion in the order since the beginning

Universes confident thereof so I sure that work of the militants will not part from their jihad on all the levels for cruciferous funnel the crawl is except who all the forms takes [bd'aa] in the attack military to the falsity of the informations
Newspaper [aalSn] which owns her [aalShywSlyby] the Jewish Australian of the Australian [rbrt] [mrdwx] one dear friends Tony Blair dog Bush, publication end the week of the pasts of photos [llTTaaGyt] Saddam Hussein and he the detention resemblance of disgrace mortgagedā€¦ the goal from spreading that photos was maybe to the intense sights about wave the anger dismiss which the world of the Islams around insult invaded American for Quran generous in Guantanamo and remaining my arrested American.

Gold a lot of the Arabic analysts [mstrslaa] in illusive details the slap which received her the nation in insult American for tyrannical their prisoner for de, and spread that photos in all place and the people between [mtrHHm] to Saddam prevented [wmtshff] in him.

Meanwhile news injury of Sheikh comes [aalzrqaawy] to the nation to hard worker of the correctness returns, absorbent blame the information of the crucifixes is causing already in him from illusive retractions because of blow [aafte'lhaa] after quiver methods of humiliation of the nation run out from his.

Organization Al-Qaeda today collective leakage to the feeling for nation [lywjjhhaa] towards importantā€¦ injury gentleman of youths of the militants in first Iraq of the tyrannical interest suits disobeyed [jlaaaadyh] after obey them to tall pledge.
In the interest in the anticipating for news of commanders of the militants the cruciferous interest in the campaign increases which the participants tries in her their effort that the far nation about the occurrences remained until they becomes easy for small fraction from body of nation of the Islam to beginning of last part digested after him.