Thursday, May 12, 2005

New Al-Ansar site, with claim of Kirkuk car bombing today


Bringers of good news of the victory from city Kirkuk/cars explosives-laden on the crusaders

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the prayer and Al-Salam on the envoy in the sword between hands the hour of mercy for worlds represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him and from and except him and after:

Said rose: (([qaaatiluwhum] tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them [wayashfi] [Suduwra] people [mmuu ' miniyna]))

[bbfDlII] from Allah became strong and wander bringers of good news of the victory follows, to draws the road to the glory and the empowering be soft, and blessing of land Kirkuk the darling of hemorrhage follow you news of the operations [aaljhaadyt] which the aroused hurricane started as, and the roaring wave to edifices destroy [aalTGyaan], and to invalid stomatitis tear down, and to get torn [jmwe ' h] from deserted and cruciferous.

So in the hour ninth of this morning Thursday stature collected from militants battalion [tjme ' hm] Mohammed bright in operations heroic where was complete explosion car bomb on queue for forces the crusader city Kirkuk/live [aalshwrjt], so occurrence explosion huge closed the American forces on favored his the road and watched one of the showers and lead be damaged but did not manage from acquaintance volume the losses, and stubborn gathering the crucifixes in breath place the explosion was Kent in wait their bomb planting her sharp the heroes to straightens in explosion her at gathering their so harvested group from cruciferous between casualty and victim.

The hour fulfilled tenth and the half of attacking on them the militants on the other hand from city Kirkuk/live [aalmSY] in front of doorkeeper of center for policemen the agent where American queue of formed from three showers rushed to walks [wlaaye ' lm] what promise him the militants for him, and stubborn his arrival for motor explosives-laden the brothers in her rose explosion and in casual dress Allah Kent this strengthen by far from previous her where destruction and burning of the showers was complete the three and think and Allah teach that he did not [ynj] from them someone.

This retribution from peace be upon him announces the war on soldier Mohammed and this he our road who [laanHyd] about him so either the victory or the testimony, and big Allah and the glory [llh] and for his messenger and for insured.