Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New rumors of King Fahad's death

Since I started searching the forums and translating, I've seen various rumors about the death of King Fahad in Saudi Arabia. I doubt this one is true, but some day, one of the rumors will be true.


Death the King of widespread Fahad. Sources of sources entering make sure his the hospital
Footsteps about newspaper of Arabic Egypt

Fahad denied Saudi sources day widespread Wednesday of Saudi death the King of the King Bin AbdulAziz.

Said the sources for journalists said that the King Fahad medical inspection after his yielded for poetries “in the fatigue” and to are did not the his order of [nql] to the hospital requires.

Fahad suffers the King who ['auSyb] in light clot in year 1995 from illness screamed him in the knots benevolent and hesitates from when for other in the widespread years last about prevented him healthy in the kingdom world markets the petroleum fulfilled.

The contract fulfilled benevolent administration of the matters moved daily in big Saudi Arabia of source for petroleum in the world to the prince Abdullah crown prince and the brother other than the brother for King the Saudi.

Saudi source said after afflicted widespread about satisfactory intensification of the Saudi King and maybe and elapsed him to descent madness the arrows Saudi Arabia in manner of five percent in dealings of morning of day Wednesday “did not the hospital transports to. Medical inspection yielded for. Did not object changes.”

Other source in the royal palace that the King and he said in the eighty from the age of poetry that he “tiring”.

Diplomat of west said also that he heard “cutting expulsions” from officials Saudi big for widespread about deterioration health of the King Fahad.

The King of praising said gulf agencies news that the Saudi King telephone speaking of day of Wednesday with King Bahrain. The agencies that Monday added the gulf top discussed which Saturday in Riyadh complicates.

Saudi Arabia retreated financial prices of the arrows in market of the papers in a ratio of 4.69 in the hundred in the circulating morning of Wednesday to 11959 point. Some the tradesmen of the retreat to correction ascribed natural in market height throughout years witnesses while other became strong that to fears on health of the Saudi King.

Indicator the market of 100 point in the minutes regained the ten first of the circulating in period in the afternoon