Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Prince of men - Al-Zarqawi

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[llh] bottom [yaa] prince of the men! Yes brand you new prince of the men [yaa] Abu Musab

[qrt] your earshots [yaa] muslims in hearing of roadsign our of Sheikh and our darling of the angina Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and he says ((loved to feel reassured you)) Big Allah… praise be to God blessed plenty good praised in him.

For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!

In poison of Allah and the praising [llh] and the prayer and the peace on messenger Allah…

Praise be to God who [Tm'annaa] on the prince “the angina” [waaGaaD] his enemies in backs vote him who [Tmy'nnaa] on screamed him and sickness in our earshots [lynbhnaa] in coming and to hearts and our stirs our bodies who accomplished on her dull and the damping-off… for propellent about our orthodox religion ......!

[llh] bottom [yaa] “angina” that you ascertained and safe indeed road of erecting followed and the nation to her religion of dyed amusement in the blood returned, his pioneers of men tell the truth what Allah promised on him, cheap souls and their blood exert their in [mrDaat] Allah, not pay attention [baalmnaayaa], [ybtGwn] the death [mDHaannh], their example at that befriends the prophet of peace be upon him of fils prevented you [yaa'amyr] says:

Not pay attention when muslim kill on any cracked was [llh] demises

That in self of the god and indeed [ysh'a] connections of limb blesses on [mumzzae'i]

[llh] bottom [yaa] prince [aalrjaallaa] fears you threats oppressive ([aaqtlwh] or [Hrqwh]) .....!

Nor alarms you what become deaf them in him the enemies from the named and the nicknames. (indeed these [lshrdhmt] little) .....!

The terrorism and the extremism (indeed me frightened to your debt changes or to the land of the decaying endorses in)….!

[fHyyahlaa] in the terrorism indeed enemies of Allah and his was for messenger, [wHyyahlaa] in the extremism indeed acnes was in and innocent from the hamlet and his family.

Any her the walking to Allah, fixed on the truth never. Not budges!.

Any her [aallyth] who path of the freedom cracks, [wtjtrH] the light from [djY] the darknesses!.

[yaa] from stand of stand [aale'z] high in his calamus of the injustice [waalTGyaan], endurance your of Islam in your hearts, and your your Quran in turning, and your fire in issued you!.

[yaa] from not thorns or ordeals pay attention in, so the rows advanced and led her prince the mouths protect, and not in front of you except Heaven or the victory!.

(mother calculated that Heaven enter and for what Allah teaches who strove from you and teaches patient).

[yaa] prince [aalrjaal'asmytk] in prince of the men be soft [aalrjwlh] [txjl] from excess brave your [llh] bottom [yaa] angina.!

As that I [baalSHaaby] good Bin Allah return bruises about him addresses you his greens.

To the heels sharpened on our wounds bleed and to our feet are on dripped the blood

Big Allah.

You the nation. Which burden of nation carries the surroundings to the surroundings extends from!. ((for that you man in his mother))

((indeed Ibrahim nation was [qaantaa] [llh] orthodox and blame [yk] from the socializations))

To [lyth] the hive, and horseman [aalwGY] any her free, who did not the lowness pleases in or in the slavery. [yaa] from acquaintance that the life of house of exam [waabtlaa'], and to insured free on him to traverses this exam successfully and faith, [waaHtsbtm] that at [baary'km]!.

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Peace. Any her the insurer, who America challenged injustice, which [thaawt] for her male of thrones FALSE. What shelf of lac [jfn]. [tmlu'w] the life in “the love and the war “:

Grain Allah and his messenger of peace be upon him, and war from Allah exceeded borders, and the bad and the subjugation and the injustice in all place planted. Encircling in turning your the insurer above the cloud, and your Islam promotes the people maneuvered to, and fire [tlfH] [aaljbaabrt], who discovered counterfeit them and their mirage and their deceit and their hamlet and their darkness and their exiguity and irregular their!.

[yaa] torch of the light and the light, who [aaftdY] ['alaamt], and to the enemy of lesson and lessons channeled. The new dawn of the comer grates in!.

(and who Vienna strove [lnhdynhm] our ways and indeed improving Allah shines)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Any her the clutch on [aaljmr], any her the squatting buzzard on chest of the despots and the devils, who allege that the betrayal of bey, or the holds on you in arenas of the jihad. Will end and be exalted them and horror their and their terror. So if new pains gulp her in your capture of some men, [fyHaar] the one in discrimination of the real prisoner of war:

Is he you mother your of executioner!.

(hearts will find in who the horror expiated in what Allah make a partner in except descends in him sultan gestured them the fire and how evil [mthwY] oppressive)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Allege that them [sythnwn] highness your, and lights will veil become strong you. Nor know that became strong you defiles your hides in of Islam who between engaging your, and that you method make a living Allah became strong and all his be exalted in details, and that you when your road chose, plant in your brain that all [jll] in easy way Allah, and as to sufferance in way [rfe't] this religion and became strong him simple be possible, and that you the afterlife in the life bought, and the paradise in the breath become in her nor fears [lwmt] fit, nor arrogant arrogance strong call upon!.

(mother calculated that Heaven enter and for what [y'atkm] like who left from before you touched them [aalb'asaa'] and the hound and shake until the messenger says and who believed with him when victory Allah not to indeed close victory Allah)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Not to suffices you became strong that you jumped when [T'aT'at] the heads?!. [waashr'ab] your neck when the necks yielded?!.

[waantSbt] rose you when the statures knelt?!. .[wsmt] your front when the collectors in the lowness and the disgrace dusted?!.

Was patient and patient when [thaawt] the determinations?!. .[wTaae'nt] the enemy and stabbed him when [tksrt] the swords?!.

Obeyed at that all him to Allah negotiated became strong and be exalted:

(and are patient so indeed Allah not wage loses improving)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Not to suffices you dignity, that you the rows in time of the lowness and the letting down advanced?!.

Ring high in the sky of day the vaults filled in afraid defeated [aalmnhzmyn]?!.

Accepted that formation of martyr on the people, and solid rope Allah adhered in, to forms financed you, and helped you. From grant victory you other than Allah glory his and rose?!.

(and truth his jihad of he strove in Allah [aajtbaakm] and what making on you in the debt from critical creed your fathers of conceded Ibrahim he your poisons before fulfilled this to the messenger of martyr is on you and martyrs on the people are formed [f'aqymwaa] the prayer [wEEtwaa] the charity and Allah adhere in he finance you so yes [aalmwlY] and yes the helper)

From that who not his lac to make room of place between engaging, and calms you in turning his the cracked afflicted?!.

[yaa] prince of the men…!

[yaaHfyd] Saad [waalmthnY] [yaa] from catalyzed [aalThr] in the insured hearts, and the tear in the eyeballs which melted, after love of the hearts melted in your [aalxaashe't]!.

['anbkyk]. Mother cry this nation which repressed and lengthened [kbwthaa]?!.

['anHzn] lac. Mother sadden to prevented which to her became?!.

['ant'alm] [l'aSaabtk] or rejoice you ['aw'istshhaadk]. Mother for nation of chained prisoner of war in the lowness and the multiple [waalaastkaant]?!.

[waa] heart heat any her the darling. [waa] [jmr] chest who call:

[waa] his retaliations [waa] his Islams

[waae'zt]… nation buried headed her in sands of the dishonor and the disgrace!.

[waa] dignity of people and afflicted himself in soil of the letting down!.

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Peace. Any her the resisted, and what Al-Salam possess!.

Peace. [yaa] from not obtains tight from you. In you veins Allah beats in male!.

Peace. Hit, from [lDHY] ['ade'yaa'] the freedom and truths of the mankinds, and deceptive tradesmen the principles!.

Peace. In Allah [e'lwt], and in him features, and in the male Al-Hakim ['anst], and in the rentals great won!.

Peace. [yaamn] assign you blocked the Islam “Osama” in prince of organization [aalqaae'dh] in countries AlRafidayn hope you call for me I Abu Zubair [aalmqhwr] in to Allah eases for me road of the arrival follow you ['aqsmlk] to clean until present you which dust in way Allah and dutiful servants for your am orders.

Peace [yaaHfyd] Saad [waalmthnY], and immortal and the meaning [yaah] ticket Abu Abdullah when said:

[yaa] grandsons Salah the debt that I and Allah share you your worries, and your poetries feel in, and delighted your on what you in him from jihad, and knowledge Allah if way to your found arenas what sat

(decreased [yaa] worshipers who believed feared suggest doubt you [lldhyn] ['aHsnwaa] in this good life and land of wide Allah grow fulfills patient lease them [bGyr] account)

Peace. Hit [aale'laa] and the abundant paradise and the rentals in ear Allah, [wl'ae'daay'k] the loss and the disgrace [waalshnaar], and the falling and evil of the consequence, [wsqr], and dear sufferance God!.

(then rescue who feared and oppressive heralds in her cadaveric). (day not benefits oppressive their forgiveness and for they the curse and for they abusing the house)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Peace. The Izzat hit [waalrfe't], and for your jog of the misery and the field!.

Peace. Any her the horseman, and you the walk to the immortality and the divine happiness ate [aalsrmdyt]!.

Peace. Any her the winner [brDY] Allah became strong and wander, and eternal in deflective than blossom. While your executioners will immortalize in what befitted in oppressive the produce sinful!. Then scientist of the absence and the testimony return to, so the shown damage taste!.

(their string demonstrate on her [xaashe'yn] from the lowness hidden eye look from and said who believed indeed losing who lost themselves and their families Judgment Day not to indeed oppressive in valued sufferance)

Not to any her [aalraan] on the negligent hearts when beget?!.

Not to any her the black smoke who the horizon fill up when [tnqshe']?!.

Not to any her the subjugation as for time of time oppressive?!.

Not to any her the dead hearts as for time time of the power?!.

As for time for nation great. As for time be soft. To expel this [aalhwaan]?!.

She trained [aalhdaat] [aal'abaat]. This [e'zaau'naa], and he road replete in the thorns [waalzqwm] and the colocynth. The patience [waal'asY] [waalmnwn]!.

She Allah trained [yre'aahaa] and keeps her. This [rjaau'naa]!.

She all easy heat to house of the immortality trained. Steadily and certitude!.

([wlnblwnkm] until the militants know from you and patient [wnblw] your news)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Any her the militant. Any her the resisted. Any her the mountain of the [shm], who obstructs in him the mouths, and fears in him [aalmkaarh], and loads them their his religion and as many kill him on endorsed him who not follow. Calculate you from who are first of Allah enters Heaven from character of Allah in ear, and from first who salutation of the owners deserve generous.

So this messenger Allah peace be upon him bring good news you, when the insurers of the militants describes - and calculate you their blessing - so says:

(is [tdrwn] first of Allah enters Heaven from character?. Said: Allah and his messenger teach, said: First of Allah enters Heaven from character:

The needy and the emigrants, who they the mouths obstructs in, and they fears in [aalmkaarh], and dies sharp their and his pilgrim in issued him not can judiciary have fun. So Allah says became strong and be exalted for who his angels wants from: [aay'twhm] [fHywhm], so the cadres says: We inhabitants [smaay'k] and chose you from your character, ['aft'amrnaa] to come these so hand over on them?!. Said: Indeed them worshipers were worship me not make a partner in me something, and they the mouths obstructs in, and they fears in [aalmkaarh], and dies sharp their and his pilgrim in exported him not can judiciary have fun, said: So come them the angels at that, so enter on them from all door: Peace on you in what were patient, so blessings [e'qbY] the house)

God hope the Aziz, that formation this prevented you and Judgment Day prevented, and call him became strong and be exalted to makes [jhnm] [mthwY] for your executioners and oppressive your, and to eat strong in the land!.

(for they from [jhnm] bed and from above them above them gouache and as lowness your cut me oppressive)

The end fulfilled:

Ask you in Allah who [laayxlf] the appointment [yaa] prince of the men…! That read this article or arrived you that Allah rebuff to eases for me in the arrival follow you in ear of dutiful Allah I your servant “Abu Zubair [aalmqhwr]”

I on debt Abu Musab. Say what says and call for what calls to him.

So to the peers take out to says other than that so his peers will break.

To take out [aalbryk] to says other than that will so be devoted you on him.

To take out [aale'waajy] to says other than that [fl'ae'wjn] his neck.

To worlds of the sultans take out to say other than that in order to damnable their faith and satisfaction.

Your pulps [yaa] Abu Musab. Will take out myself in ear of close Allah…!

[wwaallh] that I on close certitude will very emerge on us blocked “Osama” will and direct you [yaa] any her the single commander the fields military of the prince of the angina [EEEEEEh] what beautify [Tlaatkm] [zydwny] [Tlaat] [yaa] princes of the jihad what your sounds become beautiful and what your cuffs become beautiful [l'ae'daay'km].

So to the meeting close in ear Allah with the lions of the heroes…

[wb'antDHaar] prince the militants of Sheikh graze him Bin Laden kept him godly Allah his

To broadcasted little follows the agitation of load

Not [baas] in the magnificent death if bar

Magnificent; Not [baas] in the death if bar of the wheel.

O God this day from your days, so hearts youths of the Islam and their forelocks to the jihad in your take in way.
O God their belief tie on their feet jumped, and seats threw them and thousand between hearts their.
O God lower bundle you on your worshipers of the militants in all place, in Palestine and Iraq and the skewers and Kashmir and Phillipines and Afghanistan.
O God vulva about our brothers the prisoners of war in jails of the despots, in America and Guantanamo occupied Palestine and Riyadh fulfilled, all place fulfilled, that you on able everything.
O God suggest doubt emptied on us jump our were patient of antiquities and grant victory us on the people disbelieving.

{and truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are not know}

Connected O God and peace on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]
Last put us that praise be to God of many the worlds

Your servant: Abu Zubair [aalmqhwr] “Saudi [mqhwr]”

O God keep Abu be soft the militant Musab Al-Zarqawi

Keep son be soft our Sheikh of the militant Osama Laden

([yaaa] any her who believed from withdraws from you about his debt so wills Allah in people comes likes them and like him ['aadhillatII] on [aalmuu'miniyna] ['aae'izzatII] on [aalkaaafiriyna] Allah strive in way nor fear [lawmata] fit that favor Allah comes him from wants and Allah [waaasie'UU] knowledgeable)

Big Allah

Allah blessed in you brothers [aalmtwthb]

Conserving Allah the soldier and the prince

For worry seats threw all from threw on the occupier

[yaa] prince [aalrjaal'asmytk] in prince of the men be soft [aalrjwlh] [txjl] from excess brave your [llh] bottom [yaa] angina.!
O God keep Abu be soft the militant Musab Al-Zarqawi

Keep son be soft our Sheikh of the militant Osama Laden


Big Allah

Allah blessed in you brothers [aalmtwthb]

Conserving Allah the soldier and the prince

Real prince!

Abu kept Allah the prince Musab Al-Zarqawi and the Sheikh Osama and all [e'lmaay'naa] truthful who [laayxaafwn] in Allah [lwmt] fit

O God keep Abu be soft the militant Musab Al-Zarqawi

Keep son be soft our Sheikh of the militant Osama Laden