Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Protest coming Friday, May 20, in front of US Embassy in London


Whosoever honors the Symbols of Allah, then it is truly from the piety of the hearts. “
- The Quran, Chapter 22, verse 32.

Protest rally and
Friday prayer outside
The US Embassy, London.

24 Grosvenor Square
London, W1A 1AE

Friday 20th May 2005

Calling all free, justice loving peoples…

We must stand bravely against oppression and injustice…

Let us raise our voices in defense of the Sacred Word of Allah…

You are invited, as individuals, groups, and organizations, to join the protest rally organized by the Islamic Observatory Center, with the co-operation of Shaykh Abdulmun ' em Mustafa Halimah “Abu Basir al-Tartusi”, and other organizations and individuals.

O Muslims we have all learned how the interrogators at the camps of Guantanamo Bay have dived even deeper in their arrogance and oppression by violating and dishonouring the Noble Quran, as a further means of insulting, persecuting and humiliating Muslims prisoners.

This kind of behavior cannot take place without it being sanctioned and authorized by the powers in Washington. They are fully responsible for all action perpetrated by their officials in Guantanamo Bay.

We therefore call upon all the Muslims in the UK, to demonstrate their anger and dismay at the desecration of the Word of Allah by all means possible, so that a clear message reaches the oppressors of the American regime that the Muslims will not tolerate their beliefs and religion belittled in any way!

Therefore the Islamic Observatory in association with Shaykh Abdulmun ' em Mustafa Halimah “Abu Basir al-Tartusi” and other organizations calls a protest rally outside the American Embassy in London, on Friday 20th May 2005, at 12:30 pm and until 3:00 pm. Friday prayers will be performed there. We call upon all Muslims to attend, and this is the weakest of faith.

Islamic Observatory Center