Friday, May 27, 2005

Protest in Beirut after Friday prayers


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]] already [badati] the hatred from their mouths and what hide [Suduwruhum] big [

American assailing [aalhmj] on the generous Quran [fadannaswh], and what big chest disguise their.

Expression about anger Muslim, and their feeling in the insult and wounding of the dignity, for violating in book their of god,

Party of the liberation - state of yogurts Calls you to [aalaae ' tSaam] in front of the governmental palace in Beirut

Victors for Quran the highborn, honorable book of raising Allah the Quran above the heads Holders of banner one, banner: Not god except Allah Mohammed messenger Allah.

The place: Courtyard [aalssraay] big – in the middle of Beirut.
The time: Friday 19 from spring second 1426 [h] – May 27, 2005, after prayer of direct Friday.

The ninth transportation services insured start from the hour morning for accomplishment of prayer of Friday in Beirut indeed Allah wanted rose,

Centers of the departure:

The country and the port:
Round the roasted playground native and cold: Side of mosque Companions of the Prophet Mohammed (reddish)
[aalbdaawy] and my valley of the bee and the afflicted: In front of mosque of the pool
Fathers tan: Arena of the martyrs
The dome: Arena of the mercy
Jog: Mosque of enemy
The death: Mosque of the village (the death)
The galaxy: Side mosque of war [mryaaTt]:
In front of mosque of the martyrs