Sunday, May 01, 2005

Something happening at the Sheraton in Riyadh?

Just starting to see posts about this. Here's the first one.


Besieged Sheraton Riyadh!
In this today Monday and after prayer of the dawn direct Abdullah faced to immortal hospital the monarch the mosques about road of the prince and when connection to signal of intersection high with the prince Abdullah big number from cars of the security surprised in the Sheraton and Kent her surrounds in of one Abdullah obstructs road of the prince and motor passage prevents,
Forcing was complete our in the direction northward with road high the year,
After that left little the big back cloud from the smoke in area of the Sheraton saw in nor localization the can accurately and to are appears that she from the Sheraton or from one of the buildings adjacent for him,
Before about ten days was there like this encirclement for area the faithful hotel of breath of the time also and the arenas that the reason read in fire in fair was [aalqfaary] for carpets adjacent for hotel,
To are [maahw] the reason this bitter?
Is he fire other in fair of the carpets????
Mother that there something updates especially and that the hotel surrounds [bSbaat] concrete of which means that there foreigners evaluate in him!!!!!